The new VMware Sovereign Cloud effort is led by UKCloud.


To power the UK’s Sovereign Strategic Cloud platform for the UK Government, UKCloud makes use of VMware’s Sovereign Cloud framework.

October 6, 2021, in London Today, UKCloud, the multi-cloud experts committed to bringing about change in the UK public sector, announced its membership in VMware’s new Sovereign Cloud initiative , which acknowledges the need for cloud providers supporting even the most regulated industries to safeguard and maximize the value of vital data through sovereign digital solutions.

For more than ten years, the public cloud has been the main driver of digital change. The top global cloud hyperscale platforms—all of which are headquartered in China or the United States—have experienced consistent growth as a result. In fact, the CEPS estimates that US-based companies handle or retain 92% of the data in the western world. The disadvantages of becoming overly dependent on these international platforms are becoming more and more understood by numerous organizations and state entities. Due to issues like the U.S. CLOUD Act and the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield by the European Courts of Justice, 79% of respondents in an recent IDC survey are Moderately to Extremely concerned about essential data being managed by U.S. cloud providers. These worries led to the development of GAIA-X in Europe and the support of Gartners recent analysis {2} of cloud, which acknowledges that Sovereign Cloud will become more significant in addition to the global public cloud platforms.

In the future, it will be vital to prioritize data sovereignty. According to Guy Bartram, director of product marketing, VMware Cloud Provider solutions, the requirement to secure data from foreign jurisdiction regulations and monitoring has expanded well beyond data residency. Public sector organizations can benefit from a more secure, legally compliant service thanks to cloud, which offers a sovereign public cloud powered by VMware Cloud Verified solutions.

Nations no longer have to choose between pursuing digital transformation and maintaining their independence from foreign cloud providers thanks to sovereign cloud solutions. Because Sovereign Cloud offers uncompromised levels of resilience, security, privacy, and trust, it makes it possible to construct a national digital infrastructure and treats data as a national asset. However, many people may not be able to achieve this goal because to the difficulty of creating and managing a distributed cloud environment that extends from the data center to the edge. The new VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative addresses this issue by making it simpler for businesses and governments to find a provider of a Sovereign Cloud, knowing that their cloud is supported by VMware’s tried-and-true solutions and that the provider complies with the fundamental principles of a Sovereign Cloud: data sovereignty, jurisdictional control, data access, integrity, security, compliance, independence, and interoperability. UKCloud has supported the keynote address in unveiling the Sovereign Cloud concept at VMworld for the past ten years as a strategic partner of VMware. Because it assisted the UK in achieving the following advantages, UKCloud serves as an example of the value of Sovereign Cloud.

a country’s capacity A established and tested Sovereign Cloud platform, spanning all customer locations from existing on-premises systems up to Edge capability and highly secure hosted data centers, is delivered by UKCloud using VMware technology. In addition to positioning UKCloud as the only Sovereign Cloud Provider recognized as an Strategic Cloud Provider to the UK government , the platform builds a fundamental digital infrastructure.

This national platform was created utilizing a range of environmentally friendly technologies, allowing UKCloud to produce the first cloud service that was certified as carbon neutral and is now acknowledged as a member of VMwares Zero Carbon Committed initiative .

Furthermore, the UK’s Sovereign Cloud platform has generated a large number of high-quality jobs, including special possibilities for the country’s former service members, undergraduate students, and apprentices. By filling the gap in digital skills, this contributes to maintaining the UK’s national capability to create and deploy solutions. The award of the Social Value Quality Mark Level 2 determined that UKCloud’s contribution to the development of this country’s digital capabilities has been independently validated.

Privacy and security UKCloud manages a Sovereign Cloud platform that has been designed to satisfy the strict security and legal specifications of vital and delicate systems in the public sector, such as those in healthcare and defense. Sovereign Cloud combines particular technical safeguards with the added confidence that the platform is run by experts who have undergone background checks and security clearances and who work in locations with government-guaranteed security. UKCloud is able to supply high assurance cloud platforms that are optimized for the Sovereign Cloud initiative 0 and Sovereign Cloud initiative 1 thanks to VMware’s secure by design Sovereign Cloud project employing a Cloud Verified, VMware Validated Design. Electronic Industries The ability for organizations and governments to leverage the value of their data to spur economic innovation is the third advantage of VMware’s Sovereign Cloud program. Similar to Sovereign Cloud initiative 2 in the UK, this promotes post-pandemic economic recovery through a technology-led approach. This depends on encouraging the development of new companies and markets driven by digital technologies like IoT, 5G, AI, and data analytics.

In order to create a flexible sovereign platform that fosters and accelerates such innovation across an expanding ecosystem of specialized technology partners, UKCloud has made use of the VMware Cloud Verified program. Due to the force multiplier of fostering the UK technological community to produce intellectual property that could be exported in the future, this strategy has been essential in establishing sustainable societal value.

The reason we founded UKCloud ten years ago was because we have always felt that it is crucial to build a strong national cloud capability to nurture and safeguard the country’s data. Many people will be able to utilize the Security and Social Value benefits provided by Sovereign Cloud providers like UKCloud thanks to VMware’s new Sovereign Cloud project. It has been demonstrated that the substantial investments we have made in people, partnerships, and platforms yield 1.43 of value for the country for every one spent with UKCloud. Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud, said, “We are happy to provide an example that could inspire comparable national investments around the world.”

Sovereign Cloud initiative 3 at Sovereign Cloud initiative 4 and download Sovereign Cloud initiative 5 to learn more about how UKCloud and VMware collaborated to deliver Sovereign Cloud.

Learn more about the benefits of Sovereign Cloud by reading the Sovereign Cloud initiative 6, and find out how UKCloud can help you turn your aspirations into reality by visiting the Sovereign Cloud initiative 7.

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{1} Sovereign Cloud initiative 8
Gartner Press release, version 2. August 23rd, 2021: Gartner Identifies Key Emerging Technologies Promoting Innovation Through Trust, Growth, and Change

About UKCloud UKCloud is the dependable provider of multi-cloud services to the UK public sector. It offers real multi-cloud solutions that help public sector organizations perform better.

doing what is proper. By lowering the time, costs, and hazards associated with the digital transformation process, better services will be provided to residents and taxpayers will receive more value. increasing digitalization with the help of regional multi-cloud specialists. Throughout their relationship with us, consumers can get assistance from our multi-award winning customer service team. utilizing various cloud services to assist organizations in using multiple clouds to address both cloud-native apps as well as legacy and existing IT. Integrity and safety are never compromised. Since we think that the UK’s public services are a valuable national resource that should be preserved and developed. UKCloud. Making Change Take Place.

Additional information about UKCloud is available at Sovereign Cloud initiative 9, and you can follow us on Twitter at recent IDC survey 0. Information about UKCloud Health is available at recent IDC survey 1, and you can follow us on Twitter at recent IDC survey 2. Information about UKCloudX is available at recent IDC survey 3, and you can follow us on Twitter at recent IDC survey 4.

In the US and other countries, VMware, Inc. or its subsidiaries have trademark registrations for the terms VMware and VMworld.
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