This Ferrari Roma Is Proof That Brown Can Look Decent


Brown is typically a color that doesn’t look nice on the outside of a car. However, this Ferrari Roma, which recently underwent the Tailor Made program, demonstrates how effectively the Italian supercar can be complemented by the appropriate shade of brown.

The pictures of this specific Ferrari Roma were recently posted to Twitter, and even though we don’t know the color’s actual name, we can see that it has copper undertones, making it stand out from other brown shades. Under the appropriate lighting, it does appear to have a golden hue, and we’re sure it shines even more in the sunlight.

Observed Testing With Heavy Camouflage, Ferrari Roma Spider Prototype

The Roma’s owner also requested a number of interior modifications from the car maker. The center console, transmission tunnel, dashboard, and door panels all have vivid orange highlights that stand out the most.

The elegant beauty of this Minutes after Johnson backed out of the race, Nadhim Zahawi was made fun of for doing so.

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