The Flitwick councilwoman aiming to succeed MP Nadine Dorries


A councilor from Central Bedfordshire is running to be the next MP for Mid Bedfordshire. Gareth Mackey, an independent councillor from Flitwick, announced on social media that he would be running for office in the upcoming general election.

Nadine Dorries, a Conservative member of parliament, presently holds the seat. She received 38,692 votes in the 2019 election, giving her a majority of around 25,000. Councillor Mackey wrote on Facebook that “the effect on the people is evident” as “our political system appears to be unraveling before our eyes.” “There is a real dread of the present, a fear of the future, and a desperate need for real leadership.

The question that needs to be asked is, “How long will it be until we have a General Election?” while Westminster works overtime to appoint the third Prime Minister of the year.

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“This needs to happen sooner rather than later if we’re going to avert a total catastrophe in terms of finances, politics, and society. That indicates that we will actually have to choose not only who will lead us but also who our local member of parliament will be.

“We’ve put up with enough of people who are preoccupied with the Westminster circus while being cut off from our neighbors and the neighborhood where we reside. Our neighbors’, friends’, and family members’ voices have been hushed. The time has arrived to switch strategies.

Having stood shoulder to shoulder with their neighbors through good times and bad, a constituency MP must be passionately committed to their neighbors and understand their goals, dreams, wants, and needs. This person ought to be well-known and dependable and capable of acting as the people’s primary caregiver.

“I’m someone the people of Mid Bedfordshire can turn to,” says councillor Mackey. I can now declare that I will run in this constituency for the next parliamentary election.

He continued that the minor parties only provide a way to cast a protest vote. “I believe that I can present a respectable and practical alternative to the established quo thanks to a combination of my local profile, a proven track record, and my political philosophy. The established parties have let us down.

“I respectfully submit myself for your vote if you’d prefer someone who will serve you and only you, with a single passion to accomplish good in our community and speak truth to power. I sincerely hope you’ll use this chance to cast your vote for the Mid Bedfordshire Independent candidate of your choice. I’ll be attempting to raise money because running for office in Parliament is a costly procedure, so any donations will be greatly appreciated.

In the previous two years, Councillor Mackey has received two proposals to lead Central Bedfordshire Council. Both this May and in May 2021, he lost to the incumbent chairman and fellow Conservative councillor Gordon Perham.



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