Caroline Quentin describes working with her kid for the first time as a “gift.” Spending time with someone you love while doing what you love is amazing, she continues.

Mrs. Warren’s Profession, the provocative play by George Bernard Shaw that was created in 1894 but was banned for 30 years by a Lord Chamberlain because he thought it “immoral and inappropriate,” is being brought to Richmond Theatre by Caroline and Rose.

The drama addresses the mother and daughter’s relationship as it becomes clear that the mother has to rely on the world’s oldest profession to support herself. Caroline portrays Mrs. Warren and Rose plays her respectable daughter Vivie, who aspires to be a lawyer.

Rose and Caroline performing in this play together was an idea put up by Danny Moar, director of Theatre Royal Bath. From November 9 to November 19, it will be in Bath, and from November 22 to November 26, it will be in Richmond.

Caroline continues, “More than a century later, the drama still feels contemporary.” Women still have a harder time getting hired and are paid less than men. Furthermore, considering that many people are already living in poverty, some women may turn to sex work as the only means by which they can occasionally earn enough money to support themselves and their children.

It’s a pretty amusing and truthful piece, too.

Even though Rose, who is 23, is the same age as the character, an older actor frequently plays the part. Caroline gushes, “She’s doing fantastic in the job.” She is a powerful actor.

I have to be careful not to be overly protective and keep in mind that we are colleagues. She has occasionally looked at me as if to say, “Now you are being a mother and you have to be an actor,” so I’ve had those moments. And when we go on tour, she won’t let me stay with her! However, we respect each other as professionals and we enjoy each other’s company.

Rose has experienced what it’s like to live the life of an actor. Caroline recalls that “she’d be in TV studios and listening to me doing plays over a tannoy in theaters.” When Rose decided to become an actor, did she have any advice for her? “Yes, and I believe I’ve been really adamant about it… For many years, I performed as a singer and dancer. She plays the flautist extremely well, so I told her to keep practicing because having a skill besides acting will ensure that you can always pay your rent.


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