The Broncos, who have lost four straight games, are sick of missing out on opportunities.


The Broncos have participated in every game this year.
They have a 2-5 record and have lost all five games despite having a chance to win in the fourth quarter.

The Broncos have dropped three games by a combined score of seven points before Sunday’s defeat to the Jets. And in Week 7, they suffered their fourth one-possession loss of the year after falling to a 16-9 defeat.

They have indeed had their chances.
And they’re fed up with it.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett remarked, “I’m tired of being up here talking the same thing over and over again.” The chances are available. We must accept it at some point; there are no justifications. Every game has included us. These contests must be won by us. together, as an offensive, a defense, and everyone. We have experienced these opportunities and circumstances. Since those opportunities exist, having to repeat myself from this vantage point is aggravating. They must be created. It’s the NFL, plain and simple. It’s going to be tough. You have to pull through and win those games, especially in close contests like the ones we have played in.

The Denver defense contributed, as it had in many of the Broncos’ six prior contests. With the exception of Breece Hall’s 62-yard touchdown run, Denver restricted the offense and quarterback Zach Wilson. In the contest, the Jets had seven three-and-outs and converted only 3-of-14 third downs. In the second half, the Broncos limited the Jets to just two field goals while continuously pressing Wilson.

Even still, the Broncos only managed to score nine points, so it wasn’t enough.

Rypien remarked, “You shouldn’t be losing games when your defense is playing as good as our defense is.” “That’s just plain and simple, a reality.” Because I still believe we have a strong team, we must determine what we can do to turn this situation around. We must determine which offensive plays work best for us. Everyone must agree on our goals and our strategy for attacking defenses, and we must each enter each week with conviction and a plan.

In the first half, the Broncos had success as they put together a 13-play touchdown drive that included nine runs.
However, the Broncos started the second half with six straight passes, and Rypien finished up making 46 attempts for the day.


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