A medical issue necessitates the evacuation of Oakwood Theme Park



six hours prior to
24 October 2022 By

According to witnesses, riders on the Treetops roller coaster’s back end were “fighting to grip the rear carriage of the ride” as it “came off the tracks.”

As police and the Health and Safety Executive look into Sunday’s incident, in which a man was hurled from a rollercoaster and to the ground, Oakwood Theme Park is still out of bounds.

The park “is presently closed to the public,” according to the HSE.
Sian Clayton, the head of operations for Wales, confirmed: “Our inspectors are looking into an incident at Oakwood Theme Park involving the Treetops rollercoaster.
“We will provide additional information as we can,” she continued.

Dr. Harriet Lloyd, a doctor from Carmarthen, told the BBC that she was waiting for her husband and son, who were on the ride at the time of the tragedy.

Before the ride’s passengers “started shouting and saying stop,” she saw a man being tossed to the ground.

One of the carriages on the ride’s back had been shaking as it had been moving around, according to Dr. Lloyd. The final few carriages appeared to be unsteady and loose.

She claimed that a man and a teenage girl were seated in the carriage toward the back of the ride, which her husband had noticed.

“When he turned around, the man was gone. They later saw him on the second descent of the journey, when it was clear that he had been flung from the carriage.

The passengers were attempting to hold the last carriage on because the girl was still inside and it was still going when he could see him.

According to Dr. Lloyd, after the ride was stopped, her husband was informed that employees would help the man, and an air ambulance arrived after about 15 minutes.

“I wasn’t on the ride, but I was a little disturbed that my husband and kid were; if they had been a few carriages back, it might have been one of them,” the woman who wasn’t on the ride said.

One eyewitness, who requested anonymity, reportedly claimed to have been among the first riders on the ride but was informed there would be a 10-minute delay as engineers fixed a problem.

The engineers were working just in front of us as we waited, he continued.

We made the decision to return shortly. After waiting for ten minutes, we went back and sat towards the front when we noticed others getting on the ride.

Less than a minute into the ride, I heard horrifying screams, saw the coaster’s back end slipping off the track, a girl sobbing hysterically, and what appeared to be the bar raised.

“I shouted for the ride to halt, and employees were plainly in a panic to stop it,” he continued. Before coming to a stop, it continued for a while.

“We had to exit the ride at a bend, and staff members were there to assist passengers. I deduced that someone must have exited the ride when I noticed a cellphone and a flip-flop on the grass.

“I asked a group of girls who were in shock whether they were okay, but it was obvious that they weren’t.

“When I went to get my bag, I noticed a man face down next to a staff member and a paramedic. Staff later informed me that guy was conscious and spoke despite not moving.

News After Penny Mordaunt resigns, RISHI Sunak has been confirmed as the new prime minister.
7 hours prior to
Since PENNY MORDAUNT withdrew from the race, Rishi Sunak will take over as Prime Minister.

Chairman of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady announced that just one candidate had the support of 100 MPs and that Rishi Sunak, the new Tory leader, will address the House of Representatives at 14:30 HRS today.

David Cameron praised both himself and Rishi Sunak. He notes that ten years ago, he predicted that the Conservatives would be the first UK party to elect a prime minister with Indian ancestry. Liz Truss’ appointment of a cabinet last month in which none of the top four positions was held by a white man has been related to David Cameron’s efforts as party leader to encourage his party to choose more female and minority ethnic candidates.

The complete text of Penny Mordaunt’s resignation statement is as follows: “Our Party is our membership. Whether we are elected officials, campaigners, donors, or fans. Whoever becomes our leader will affect all of us.

“These are historic times. It is obvious that coworkers believe we need assurance right now despite the constrained timeframe for the leadership competition. They made their choice in good faith and for the benefit of the nation.

“Members should be aware that the agreed-upon 1922 procedure has fairly and thoroughly evaluated this issue.

We have now selected our new Prime Minister as a consequence. This decision is remarkable and once again demonstrates the talent and variety of our party. Rishi has my complete backing.

“I am happy of the campaign we ran and appreciative of everyone who supported me, from all facets of our party. We all owe it to Rishi, to the nation, and to each other to band together and advance the common good. There is a lot of work to accomplish.

BORIS: I Have 100 MPs But I’m Not Running for Office
24 hours prior to
23 October 2022 By
Boris Johnson has said that he would not run for Tory leader.

The former prime minister claims that even though he had the necessary number of MPs to qualify, he had come to the conclusion that it would not be morally appropriate to run since “you can’t govern effectively until you have a united party in Parliament.”


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