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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, October 6, 2021: Tessian Architect is a new policy engine for real-time email data loss prevention from Human Layer Security business Tessian (DLP). Without the time-consuming, manual rules present in conventional DLP solutions, it offers real-time visibility into data loss incidents, automatic and configurable policy capabilities, and data loss prevention.

To provide individualized security against sensitive data loss, the system blends classic DLP policy components with intelligent rules that make use of machine learning and behavioral analysis. Tessian now provides enterprises with total security against email-related data loss, including unintentional data loss and the exfiltration of sensitive data to unauthorized parties.

Tessian Architect takes the guesswork out of developing DLP policies. Administrators may create DLP policies quickly and effectively to satisfy fundamental and sophisticated data loss needs, including establishing and upholding regulatory compliance. Customers can either choose from pre-built policies that address their particular use cases or industry regulations, or they can create their own policies to address the specific protection needs of their companies. All of this can be completed in a few hours.

The system also makes it possible for security and risk management teams to ascertain the most frequent types of data loss within their company, allowing them to proactively mitigate such dangers.

And Tessian, unlike many DLP solutions, actively works to mitigate risk by alerting staff to potential risks in real-time, as opposed to simply reporting on data loss events. For instance, Tessian automatically notifies the person before the email is sent with a warning that informs them about exfiltration, reaffirms company policies, and prods staff toward safe email behavior in the event that an employee negligently sends emails to a personal account or maliciously steals company intellectual property.

Legacy DLP is soon becoming an outmoded technology that isn’t evolving to suit the demands of enterprises today, according to Ed Bishop, Chief Technology Officer of Tessian. Data breaches persist even with traditional DLP in place. Additionally, static regulations tend to be extremely constrained, fail to take into account unanticipated abnormalities, and lower staff productivity, which makes them less useful than businesses would want. Fundamentally, the next generation of DLP is about moving away from a static, rules-based approach and toward a dynamic, behavioral approach that can take into account the unique context of each potential episode of data loss. Real data protection exists here.

Rob Hyde, Chief Information Security Officer at Schroders, spoke on overcoming the DLP difficulties businesses face today. He said traditional DLP has a poor ROI and is costly to operate. Some malicious emails are stopped, although the number is quite small. Tessian is at the other extreme of the spectrum. Every day, data loss is being stopped.

Here:;utm_source=pr you can learn more about Tessian Architect.

Regarding Tesian Tessians’ goal is to safeguard the human layer by enabling people to perform at their highest level without interference from security. Tessian automates the prediction and elimination of sophisticated email threats brought on by human mistake, including as data exfiltration, unintentional data loss, business email compromise, and phishing attempts, with the least possible disruption to employees’ workflow. Tessian, which was founded in 2013, is supported by well-known investors Sequoia, Accel, March Capital, and Balderton Capital.

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