Some AMD CPUs are experiencing “lower performance” due to Windows 11. –


According to AMD, some apps running on Windows 11 systems equipped with its CPUs may see performance decrease.

released Windows 11 to the masses this week for Microsoft. It received an major visual refresh but is usually only compatible with newer hardware, which enhances security but also slows its roll out.

Despite a year of testing with Windows Insiders, AMD and Microsoft have officially acknowledged that installing Windows 11 on AMD CPUs, including those in its EPYC and Ryzen lines, may result in a 15% performance decrease. Games are more severely impacted than other apps, and the degree of the impact varies with the active applications.

3-5% performance reduction is anticipated for targeted apps, with 10-15% outliers likely in games that are frequently played in eSports, according to AMD explains in a support note .

According to AMD, the note details “known performance impairments reported on Windows 11 when using compatible AMD processors on specific applications.”

According to AMD, Microsoft will provide a cure this month in the form of a Windows update.

AMD states that a Windows update to fix the problem is in the works and should be available in October 2021.

Microsoft upgraded its PC Health Check tool to assist users in understanding Windows 11’s stringent hardware requirements. The page from Microsoft that lists the prerequisites for Windows 11 is accessible at here .

However, due to these hardware requirements, according to one survey roughly 50% of corporate workstations won’t be able to upgrade right away.

Additionally, AMD warns that a threefold increase in “measured and functional L3 cache latency” might occur.

The chip manufacturer, has about half of the desktop market , also notes a problem with Windows 11 with its “preferred core” technology. According to AMD, the hardware interface “may not schedule threads on a processor’s fastest core in a preferential manner.” This had an influence on performance with several programs as well, and is more likely to have an effect on high-end computer gamers and enterprise enterprises.

Performance problems will be more apparent in devices like many of its popular Ryzen processors that have more than 8 cores and a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 65 watts.

According to AMD, “AMD and Microsoft are actively researching these known concerns for a software update-based fix.”

The AMD flaws are not included on Windows 11’s known issues page by Microsoft. For Vietnamese-speaking users, the current concerns include compatibility issues with Windows 11 and Oracle’s VirtualBox virtualization platform , released Windows 11 to the masses this week 0, and the Chromium-based Cc Cc browser.


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