Millionaire viewers support Kammy despite his speech issue, calling him “hard to watch.”


On ITV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, fans rallied around renowned football analyst Chris Kamara today as he valiantly battled his speech disorder.

In an effort to raise money for his preferred charity, Marie Curie, the former Sky Sports News anchor from Leeds participated in the show’s celebrity edition.

Chris Kamara progressed all the way to the Formula 1 question worth $64,000, asking him, “Which of these nations has not won an F1 title since 2000?”

Chris Kamara discusses his struggle with speech in more detail. apraxia
Before calling Steph McGovern from Steph’s Packed Lunch for his last resort, Phone a Friend, Chris debated the issue.
Kammy had been leaning toward Finland, and Steph speculated that it might be that country, but neither he nor Steph seemed entirely certain.

Some viewers thought that giving Chris only 30 seconds to ask Steph (the typical Phone a Friend time limit) was harsh given that he has a speech issue called speech apraxia, which slows down his speech. He read the question out to Steph.

Unfortunately, Chris had already used up his “ask Jeremy” lifeline when he queried Clarkson about traffic signs earlier.
In the end, choosing Finland was the incorrect choice, leaving Kammy to pick up the tab from his £32,000 safety net.
Chris said, “You know, I didn’t read the question fully… since 2000,” in a state of shock.
Listen, you are leaving here with £32,000, Jeremy said. I’m thrilled. Additionally, it has been a ton of joy having you here.
Chris Kamara played for the Marie Curie cancer foundation, and the full £32,000 will be given to the organization.
Although Chris’ return to television was greatly anticipated by viewers, some were not pleased with the Phone a Friend time limit.

Chris Kamara ought to have had more time than 30 seconds to spell out his query to a phone friend, according to @cudgeecoo. Given his condition, he can only speak slowly. #whowantstobeamillionaire

Others claimed that watching the event was difficult due to Chris’ speech battle while others were forced to protect Chris from internet trolls.
Chris Kamara is doing his part for charity despite plainly having speech difficulties, according to @samJonDixon.
Instead of disparaging Chris Kamara, @dellywellyc suggested: “Why not do some research.
He has aphasia of speech.

#chriskamara is demonstrating how legendary he is by competing on Who Wants to be a Millionaire while having speech apraxia, according to @lara 222.

Watching Chris Kamara on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a Tough Watch, according to @matty1994
Chris Kamara is having a lot of trouble with his speech about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” according to @doolezLFC.

It was difficult to see Chris Kamara struggle with his speech on Millionaire, according to @antzharris10. You can see how irritated he is about it. Legend, indeed!

Well done Chris Kamara on winning £32k for Marie Curie, as stated by @ltj39sue.



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