Games Inbox: The disastrous Saints Row reboot

Saints Row screenshot
Saints Row not a very good game (pic: Deep Silver)

One reader who reads the Tuesday letters page wishes Bungie would produce Destiny 3 is skeptical of Sega’s new cinematic intentions.
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Generally accepted Considering that GC’s preview was the only one I read that genuinely helped you anticipate how awful the game would be, I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I’m still stunned at how poorly Saints Row has been received. It currently has a Metacritic score of 63, and I can’t recall the last time a big game received such a low rating from all reviewers. Normally, I would anticipate GC’s evaluation to be an anomaly, but it wasn’t.

Budget movies usually deliver a minimum standard of quality, but this shows that was somewhat of an illusion. You may argue that Saints Row doesn’t have a very high budget, but I’ve always thought of it as a major franchise. It happened back when Saints Row 2 and 3 were released.

Given the critiques and the initial disinterest of fans, I have a hunch that will soon change because I can’t ever imagine the game becoming popular. Perhaps they ought to have developed a sequel rather than a reboot in order to correct some issues. Or at the very least, fix all the flaws. All in all, a bit of a fiasco, which is unfortunate because I could see a high-quality GTA clone succeeding right now. Bosley

possibly if it’s free Wow, from the studio that delivered us Saints Row 2, how could they get it so wrong? I’ve just seen reviews rolling in for the new Saints Row and your own 4/10 rating.

I would have paid full price on day one if it had even shown remotely promising, but I got burned before by Agents Of Mayhem, which was among the worst games I’ve ever played. I’m not going to repeat that error.

I might give it a fast shot if it appears in the PS Plus library, but for the time being, Saints Row is my last game. Crawley, Michael.

awaiting the outcome My name is Mohamed, and I’ve recently been reading news concerning the case that PlayStation appears to be involved in about unethical business practices.

I just have one small question. I acquired my PlayStation in Guildford, Surrey, shortly after the PlayStation 4 became available for purchase back in 2013. I have a PSN paid subscription, and during my nearly ten years of ownership, I have actually bought several titles online from the UK. Despite the fact that I currently live in Spain and am billed in British pounds, my account is in English. Am I even qualified for anything? Mohamed

GC: Although we aren’t lawyers, we believe you could possibly make a claim. However, Sony would first have to lose the lawsuit, which we firmly doubt would ever happen.

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a new global order Whether you like it or not, every big publisher will be taken over. It must happen. Consider Tencent, Google, Amazon, Apple (unlikely), or Microsoft among the businesses that could make these significant steps. If Microsoft weren’t an option, who else would you prefer it to be?

None of the aforementioned options are not viable. At this point, making these purchases is only a matter of time.
Microsoft is as near to a bastion as we have in terms of gaming that can actually make these purchases.
A partnership is Sony’s plan for the future here. Whether they like it or not, Sony will have to fully commit to subscription services. Jez

Unique to Japan It definitely is worth creating a Japanese account to play the rumble-supported version of Wave Race 64 on Nintendo Switch Online; it feels so much better to have some feedback when bouncing through the waves.

There are also a variety of games available on the SNES and NES applications, some of which are only playable if you can understand Japanese. However, both the Konami table tennis game for the NES and the fishing rod platform game for the SNES are highly recommended. Atkinson, John

Not anytime soon Any of these brand-new video games will likely fail, in my opinion. Who on earth will even remember or care about Comix Zone? Twenty years ago, Space Channel 5 was popular for approximately five minutes, and neither of the films’ plots sound at all like the games. Do not forget that the reason Sonic and Uncharted were successful was because they were actually quite realistic to the games. In fact, Sonic was on the verge of becoming a failure when fans pushed for the removal of Ugly Sonic in favor of a more genuine appearance.

So what else is Sega working on? Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, Streets of Rage, Crazy Taxi, Altered Beast, and The House of the Dead? That won’t happen, I agree. Who will go to a Golden Axe movie, ignoring the fact that there is already a Yakuza movie? Sega hasn’t developed a game for it in over a decade, but they still believe that people will wait in line to watch what is probably going to be a copy of Conan the Barbarian?

Another option is Virtua Fighter. Fighting games are categorized, but I’m not aware of any form of narrative in them. In addition, I don’t believe Altered Beasts is any more sophisticated than Kill the Wizard Guy. Neither does Crazy Taxi.

Then there is Sony, who reportedly does not want to produce a Days Gone sequel but does want to produce a film. And how does that operate? The characters were the weakest aspect of the game, thus that already looks like a horrible concept. Hollywood, in my opinion, needs to remember that video games and movies have very little in common and that attempting to transform one into the other rarely succeeds. Petemen

Force yourself free on GOG is the current stasis level.

The Knights of the Old Republic 2 physical edition is currently available for pre-order through Limited Run Games for PC and Switch until October 2. I recently noticed that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake was referenced in the Inbox. John Andrew Just finished: Tides Changing Far: (PS5)

A source of fantasy What does the transfer of the Lord of the Rings rights signify for upcoming video games, if anything? According to what I understand, there will soon be a Gollum game as well as an unnamed Take-Two game and an EA mobile app. The Gollum game doesn’t really intrigue me based on the premise, and I have no idea what the Take-Two game will entail, but I’m going to guess it’ll be some type of third-person open world game that’s at least somewhat inspired by Shadow Of Mordor.

I hope they also try something more creative. It’s the natural framework for a contemporary movie tie-in. Role-playing and strategy games are, in my opinion, the most natural genres for a Lord of the Rings game. Since Dungeons and Dragons and other modern role-playing games wouldn’t even exist without Tolkien, we can definitely do better considering that the only modern role-playing game was a low-budget EA effort around the time of the movies.

Once more, EA produced some mediocre real-time strategy games. But I’m envisioning something more expansive, on the level of Total War. I’m not sure if anyone still plays the old Amiga game War in Middle-Earth. It wasn’t very good, but it was a hybrid of a role-playing game and a grand strategy game where you managed everything from a map of the entire nation.

I’d love to see something that big, but much more contemporary. The mother of all fantasy licenses have so much potential, and I think we’ve only begun to scrape the surface so far. Bondian99

Inbox failures Anyone else wishing that Bungie would release Destiny 3? Although they have stated they won’t, I’m not certain why. I stopped playing because it got to be too much for me, and I lost track of what was happening. All of that may be resolved with a new sequel in a refresh. Dagon

Kang was the antagonist in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, but I forgot that. I frequently played that enjoyable Lego game with my sister, who insisted on playing the Hulk. Rich

The current hot topic What is your favorite open world game? is the question reader Grackle posed as the topic for this weekend’s Inbox.

Although they have been around for a while, open world games can include everything from role-playing games to racing games. Which do you prefer, and why? How much of your enjoyment stems from the open world design, and how much time did you spend exploring it rather than playing the core game?

What do you think about the state of open world games right now, and how do you hope to see them develop in terms of technology and aesthetics over the coming years?

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