Analyzing Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero’s Disagreement


On the NBA schedule, August is consistently the least active month. Fans can only watch their favorite athletes via exercise videos and the uncommon Pro-Am event.

But last night, basketball fans witnessed a remarkable sequence of events take place in real time. Dejounte Murray of the Atlanta Hawks and Paolo Banchero, a rookie forward for the Orlando Magic, participated in the Zeke-End, Isaiah Thomas’ yearly summer basketball event.

Videos of the exhibition match instantly went viral. Before attempting an alley-oop to himself off the backboard, Murray faked out Banchero. Murray then addressed Banchero and threw the ball his way as the crowd exploded.

The tale becomes more complicated and difficult to follow at this point. The highlight reel was uploaded to Murray’s Instagram story. Then Banchero reposted Murray’s story on his own Instagram story, but he also included his perspective. Murray was criticized by Banchero for blocking him on social media and sending double teams his way during the Pro-Am match.

Murray was going to make sure he had the final say, of course. The veteran charged the youngster with trying to flaunt his status as the top draft pick and losing his sense of modesty. For Murray’s complete remark, see the Bleacher Report tweet that is below.

Since the 2011 Eastern Conference Playoffs Series, the Hawks and Magic’s connection has grown the most in my opinion. The two Southeast Division rivals will clash four times in the upcoming season. When the NBA reveals its 2022–23 schedule next week, we will be able to pinpoint the exact dates. Watch closely for breaking news, highlights, and commentary.

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