Watch Savannah Guthrie introduce blind fan who is one of Maren Morris’s biggest admirers to Maren Morris.


Maren Morris gave an incredible performance on the TODAY plaza on Thursday morning, and while she was singing out her hits, she had the chance to speak with a wonderful audience member.

Lily, a teenage New Yorker who was introduced to Morris by anchor Savannah Guthrie, sung along to all of the hit-songs maker’s from her seat in the front row.

As Savannah escorted the musician to one of her biggest supporters, she remarked, “Lily is blind, but boy, can she hear you.

Lily met Maren Morris on the plaza.

Morris had just before their encounter signed a guitar pick for Lily, and the moment they were introduced, Lily gushed about it.
I really appreciate the guitar pick. Lily exclaimed joyfully.

She then inquired about the singer of “Circles Around This Town’s” two-year-old son. What is Hayes’ favorite song of yours, and how are you doing?, Lily enquired.

And she learned the truth.
On her songwriting process and musical inspirations, MAREN MORRIS
July 28, 202205:23
The 32-year-old replied, “He’s good. “I hope he’s watching right now at home,” I thought.
Morris chose “Hummingbird,” because it is about him, as the little child’s favorite song.
Hayes’ voice may even be heard on the song.

Morris revealed in an April tweet: “I started writing “Hummingbird” the day I learned I was expecting Hayes. He had started talking by the time we started recording, so I got to record his endearing voice to add to the track’s top.”

Naturally, that didn’t surprise super admirer Lily, who beamingly exclaimed, “What’s this? His name is in the record, which I have.”


July 28, 202203:42
The meeting ended with an embrace and a photo, but it’s clear that both Lily and Morris made an impression on the other.
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