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In order to make flying travel less stressful, Uber is testing new app capabilities that include the option to reserve rides from airports, access to better curbside pickup, the ability to request a cab after you land, and the ability to purchase meals in advance from airport restaurants for pickup.

Users will be able to reserve a trip up to 30 days in advance at 20 major airports around the nation, including LaGuardia, JFK, Miami International, Dallas Fort Worth, and Ronald Reagan International. In order to follow flights and instantly modify reservations if a flight is delayed or early, the new service, which offers complimentary wait time of up to an hour, is connected to airport departure and arrival KPIs. Uber has also improved its machine learning technology to enable a function that makes it easier to swiftly connect drivers and passengers waiting at airport curbsides.

Uber Reserve at Airports feature

It’s not exactly breaking news that a car service would begin taking reservations for trips to the airport, but this action shows how Uber is leveraging its name recognition to shift away from on-demand and toward more conventional black car services. The revelation comes as Uber is attempting to boost sales following massive losses last quarter . With With air travel beginning to climb back up to 2019 levels , the business has the opportunity to provide riders with a more upscale, customized (and pricey) service.

According to Uber, airport trips are a strong target for revenue development because they are frequently longer and more expensive. The new reserve function may give drivers the opportunity to earn more money, the ability to plan their days in advance, and more control by letting them know where a pickup begins, according to the company, which claims that just over the last week of September, there was a 15% increase in airport trips.

Uber is also providing a Ready When You Are service as part of the deployment of the new features, which sits in the middle of on-demand ride-hailing and making a reservation in advance without charging more. Once they have landed, customers have the opportunity to order a ride and choose to be picked up in 20 minutes, 10 minutes, or as soon as feasible. Six airports in the United States and Canada are now testing this service, but Uber says a wider deployment is expected through the beginning of next year.

Sundeep Jain, Uber’s chief product officer, claims that in order for these app capabilities to function, Uber needs to collaborate closely with airports.

We must be mindful of the various rules and legislation that apply to various airports and towns, Jain told TechCrunch. By the time you reach international airports, the complexity has increased. Working with airports is always a difficulty, but it’s also a chance because the pickup zones, the walking distance between the arrival area and the location of accessible ground transportation, and the way the signage for airports works vary.

With its Mobile Ordering for Pickup feature, which enables customers to use Uber Eats for pick-up while at the airport to order from select Starbucks, Burger King, Chili’s, Wolfgang Puck, and Eddie Georges Grill 27 restaurants, Uber is also capitalizing on humanity’s general aversion to spending too much time in crowds. According to the business, this feature is presently being tested at Toronto Pearson Airport and will eventually be available at airports across the US.


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