Twitter is experimenting with suggestions that let you know when a chat is unfriendly. The TechCrunch


If you’ve ever tweeted something innocent that ended up igniting a whirlwind of unwanted attention, you are well aware that Twitter users will argue about anything and everything; after all, it is the internet’s top location for quick, inaccurate opinion spewing.

The latest experiment from Twitter, which has been experimenting with measures to reduce the platform’s reputation for toxicity, gives users some advice before they get involved in ugly tweet arguments. The test prompts may be visible to users on Twitter’s iOS and Android apps.

Ever wish you could gauge the tone of a discussion before you participate? We’re testing alerts on iOS and Android that let you know if the conversation you’re about to enter might become tense or intense.

As we figure out how to better encourage healthy dialogue, this is still a work in progress.
Twitter Customer Support October 6, 2021 (@TwitterSupport)

According to the business, the goal is to warn users before they enter a contentious or emotional debate, which on Twitter could range from potentially fatal health information to guacamole recipes. As it has previously indicated, Twitter claims that the objective is to promote positive discourse on the platform.

The test labels, which are visible beneath tweets, include a little disclaimer that says exchanges like this can get intense. You appear to need to click through a prompt encouraging people to be factual, open to different viewpoints, and reminded them of their shared humanity in order to participate. The business says says that while showing the prompt, it may consider the topic of the tweet and the connection between the tweet author and the reporter.

Twitter previously had pop-ups that served as a deterrent to sending hateful and harassing comments as replies. Targeted pop-ups are undoubtedly a tool with promise for stopping some toxic social media habits that spread quickly, but given the prevalence of online monsters assholes, we’re going to need a lot of different solutions .


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