Tom Hardy won two gold medals in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.


Fans were shocked when actor Tom Hardy showed up at the first REORG Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Wolverhampton over the weekend.

The event was held on Saturday at Aldersley Leisure Village to raise money for a charity that provides BJJ instruction for military troops and first responders who are dealing with serious mental and physical problems.

@RobbiePoirier10 on Twitter Hardy came there to support the cause and display his abilities. Advertisement Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has two variations: BJJ Gi and No-Gi.
Gi Jiu-Jitsu is a kind of grappling that enables you to grip your opponent’s clothing while wearing the standard training gear.
No-Gi BJJ, on the other hand, is grappling without the conventional gear. Instead, practitioners would wear shorts and a rash guard.

Advertisement Hardy was outstanding as he dominated his opponent from the off before carefully and patiently working his way to an armbar submission victory, much like UFC great Ronda Rousey. He was seen battling in a Gi and wearing a blue belt to signify his rank.

The Peaky Blinders star won another match via submission later in the day.
This time, he performed without the Gi before being seen standing atop the podium and wearing a new gold medal.
Jiu Jitsu World Hardy wowed the crowd by winning two gold medals on YouTube. Advertisement
YouTube – Jiu Jitsu World Hardy appeared at the competition in his element.

Jiu Jitsu World on You Tube Hardy was brutal before locking in an armbar. Most read in an MMA fight Start time, bout schedule, and how to watch live UFC Apex action for Sandhagen vs. Yadong HUGE Conor McGregor and Paddy Pimblett are going to have the biggest bout of all time, according to Paddy Pimblett. De Fries is delighted to accept the no takedown rule for the match with 5x. Strongest Man in the World When ANGRY White learns the basis of the Chimaev conspiracy idea, his reaction makes everyone chuckle. EASY UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett defeats 10 Marines in a row through grappling DATES Every scheduled bout on the UFC 2022 schedule, including Oliveira vs. Makhachev and Adesanya’s defense Advertisement Hardy is well-known for playing marine Tommy Riordan, who competes in an MMA tournament in the 2011 thriller Warrior, in addition to his roles in the British television series Peaky Blinders and the superhero film Venom.

But as one Twitter user noted in reference to Bane’s function as Batman’s adversary: “Imagine showing up to your neighborhood jiu-jitsu competition and having to battle Bane.”

Advertisement And as Danny Appleby faced him, he was thinking about this.

Tom arrived while I was waiting match-side for the semi-final in Wolverhampton; he tolg Gazette Live . I was unaware that he would be attending. They also wanted me to maintain my composure, he continued.

By December 2020, the actor had received his BJJ blue belt. I was traumatized. He instructed them to simply disregard his presence and carry on as usual while expressing his surprise at Hardy’s fortitude and highlighting the fact that he still had time for everyone at the conclusion.

Advertisement He undoubtedly lived up to his role as Bane, that much is obvious.

Before Warrior was released in theaters more than 10 years ago, Hardy had no experience in combat and had to learn the fundamentals as well as bulk up for the part.

Now, in 2023, the 44-year-old not only dazzled everyone in attendance with his BJJ prowess, he also brightened the day of one little Venom fan by giving him a big hug.

Toby Frost The 44-year-old ran into a passionate Venom supporter. After learning that Hardy was attending, Carla Frost brought her six-year-old son to the location. However, when they arrived, they were informed that they had just missed Hardy, which devastated the small boy.

My son started crying. Carla told Birmingham Live that “the beautiful girl from REORG decided to just check and the next thing I know, this lovely man is strolling across the sports hall to us.”

He swiftly calmed my son down by intuitively grabbing him in a hug. The charity representative was so polite that she stopped to take pictures with us and was just beautiful.

After demonstrating that he isn’t simply good at playing tough guys on film, Hardy wrapped up his day by giving the happy youngster a signed cap and sent him on his way.


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