The Last of Us TV Show Definitely Reminds Me of The Game


If playing a game that has already been remastered isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d be down for a live-action TV series based on Naughty Dog’s 2013 PS3 mega hit The Last of Us? Yeah? HBO appears to have you covered, so there.

HBO showed just how closely the future series will stick to the games design, tempo, and even character emotions in a tweet that included several shots from the most recent TLoU TV show teaser trailer. The footage demonstrates a level of parity with the original material that is unusual in live-action video game adaptations. Fans may actually enjoy this, given how frequently video game adaptations are criticized for deviating too far from the source material that once made them so well-liked.

The first report of a The Last of Us television adaptation appeared in March 2020. Together with Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dogs, Craig Mazin, the author of HBO’s Chernobyl, set out to bring Joel and Ellie’s story of struggle and survival in a post-apocalyptic America to life. Together, HBO, Sony Pictures, and PlayStation Productions are developing the most authentic video game adaptation yet. , which Druckmann referred to at this year’s Summer Game Fest. Druckmann might not have been exaggerating, judging by the eight-second snippet HBO tweeted today.

Advertisement Live-action video game adaptations have recently improved and increased in frequency. A video game can, in fact, be translated into amazing movies and television, as evidenced by the success of Detective Pikachu and the most recent Sonic movies. Even leaks from the impending Fallout TV show’s set demonstrate an unexpected level of accuracy. Given that The Last of Us games previously attempted to evoke a cinematic flair, it may not be unexpected that, at least based on the roughly 20 seconds we have seen, the tone seems to translate nicely.

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Advertisement It should be emphasized that The Last of Us clearly relates to the worlds of literature and entertainment. The original game has a lot in common with the 2009 movie The Road , which was based on Cormac McCarthy’s 2006 book of the same name. And memorable television and cinema have frequently featured post-apocalyptic settings, like the better seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the 2007 remake of I Am Legend, to mention just two.

How exact of an adaption The Last of Us appears to be truly seems to set the television version apart. It almost seems as though a super-advanced AI transformed the original game into a television show or something.

Advertisement More Information: The Last of Us TV Show Releases First Footage

Seeing this in action will undoubtedly spark discussion about what happens when a video game gets so precisely converted into a television show that it is practically impossible to tell it from from the original, even though I enjoy many of the performers in this production. While I would contend that Paramount’s adaptation of Halo was largely in line with the source material spiritually, that program departed greatly from the game’s plot because it was set in a parallel universe, and many fans may have found it difficult to support it.

Advertisement Because some experiences don’t transition well to different mediums, the majority of adaptations must use creative license. However, HBO’s The Last of Us may show that, in cases when the source material is great enough, a loose adaptation may not be essential.


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