The Analysis: Five Thoughts Following the Ravens’ defeat to the Giants


The Ravens’ 24-20 loss to the New York Giants is discussed in five ways.

THE RAVENS DIE FROM SELF-INFLICTED INJURIES. The Ravens are unquestionably a superior football team over the Giants, as was demonstrated on Sunday, but it doesn’t matter when you lose to yourself. The Ravens continuously shot themselves in the foot all day long until dealing themselves the fatal blows in the final minutes of the game. All three of their losses this year have seen them blow fourth-quarter leads.

It’s the most painful even though it wasn’t in front of the home crowd. The mighty Buffalo Bills did not stage a comeback in this instance. Tyreek Hill wasn’t slicing through defenders like he frequently does. This group accepted a gift while possessing significantly less weaponry and having been largely restrained all day.

In terms of total yards, the Ravens defeated the Giants, 406-238. Saquon Barkley of the Giants was limited by Baltimore to 83 yards on 22 carries (3.8 per run). Daniel Jones, the quarterback for the Giants, only completed 173 of his passes while taking four sacks. That ought to result in a Ravens victory.

Only because the Ravens allowed them to, the Giants were even in the game. However, despite having what should have been a solid 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, the Ravens managed to blow it by making a plethora of errors, including penalties, turnovers, drops, and penalties.

Being unable to “complete” is difficult to accept because there isn’t a simple solution. The specific errors that caused another disappointment can be fixed through practice and film study. However, how precisely do you “finish” better? Is that the case? The Ravens aren’t performing well enough, or consistently enough, in those crucial situations when the game is on the line for whatever reason. They must ascertain the cause.

The Ravens were arguably not as good as their record suggested when they were leading the AFC after 12 weeks last season. They’ve done better this season than their 3-3 record through six weeks. We have a chance to be a very good football club, head coach John Harbaugh remarked following the game. The Ravens have all the components, and when their best players recover, they’ll keep becoming stronger.


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