Promoter: Paul is defeated because Rahman is heavier


Jake Paul reacts to fight vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. being called off (2:18)

Jake Paul gives his side of the story as to why his scheduled fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. was called off due to weight issues. (2:18)

8:42 PM ET Hasim Rahman Jr.’s weight issue has caused the scheduled boxing pay-per-view program on August 6 to be cancelled, according to a statement from Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions on Saturday evening.

The event was scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Rahman’s camp informed Paul’s team on Saturday morning that Rahman intended to weigh in at 215 pounds on Friday, according to MVP’s statement. According to the statement, Paul was willing to make a concession and perform the fight at 205 pounds even though Rahman had signed a contract for a bout at 200 pounds. Rahman’s camp reportedly claimed that if the fight wasn’t at 215 pounds, their fighter would pull out.

According to the statement, “MVP and Jake Paul will not reward someone who has conducted themselves in such a deceptive and deliberate manner.” “As a result, MVP is forced to postpone the event on August 6. This forced result affects Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano, and every other fighter on this show who has worked hard to prepare for this bout over the past few months. Hasim Rahman Jr. must be held accountable by the boxing world for his lack of professionalism.”

In the co-main event, one of the best female fighters in the world, Serrano, was slated to face Brenda Carabajal.

Rahman confirmed signing a contract for 200 pounds in early July but claimed in an early Sunday morning Instagram video that his body “just will not allow me do it.” Rahman was referring to gaining the weight. Rahman questioned why Paul’s management called off the bout right away rather than waiting to allow him more time to completely lose weight. Because “I had that much faith in me knocking him out,” he claimed he would fight Paul for the $5,000 minimum.

Paul has acknowledged that Rahman prevailed during their sparring sessions in 2020, when Rahman claimed he was heavier. Paul wants Rahman to be a “shell” of himself in the ring, according to Rahman.

“What’s the issue fighting me at 215 if you beat me up when I was 230?” Rahman remarked. “Why are you having trouble fighting me at 210? They obviously don’t want to fight. I’m not stepping away from the conflict.”

When Tommy Fury withdrew due to travel complications in early July, the Paul-Rahman match was scheduled in his place.

The MVP statement claims that Rahman committed to fighting at 200 pounds on July 6. Rahman informed MVP and the New York State Athletic Commission of his weight at that time and assured them that he wouldn’t lose more than 10% of it before the fight. Rahman, a heavyweight, last competed in April at 224 pounds and has reached a professional weight of 269 pounds.

Rahman’s weight was 216 pounds on July 7 according to MVP, and he and his team had given guarantees that he was on pace to make the weight. Rahman and his father, Hasim, both voiced assurance that making the weight would not be an issue in interviews with ESPN over the past two weeks.

In accordance with NYSAC regulations, which included weekly weight checks, Rahman presented a written statement from a nutritionist stating that his weight was improving, according to MVP’s statement.

It has been evident over the past 48 hours that these guarantees were not given in good faith, according to MVP’s statement.

Rahman had shed less than one pound since agreeing to the fight, according to a NYSAC weight check on Friday, according to a statement from MVP. Paul was willing to accept to the fight being sanctioned if it weighed no less than 205 pounds, according to MVP. According to MVP, a new contract with the weight modification and hefty penalties if Rahman missed the weight was issued to Rahman’s team.

Rahman’s camp revealed for the first time that he intended to weigh 215 pounds at the official weigh-in and would not agree to weigh-in at 205 pounds, according to the statement. Rahman’s camp also informed Most Valuable Promotions that they are pulling out of the fight unless the fight was agreed to at 215 pounds.

On Saturday evening, the NYSAC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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