Orion Cosce defeats Blood Diamond in UFC 277 to earn his first MMA victory.


Blood Diamond and Orion Cosce, ceremonial weigh-in for UFC 277 Credit: UFC/YouTube A welterweight match that was scheduled to open the UFC 277 preliminary event on Saturday was derailed when one of the competitors failed to make weight. That would be Orion Cosce, who required a catchweight because he was 1.5 pounds overweight for his battle with Mike Mathetha, also known as Blood Diamond.

Cosce and Blood Diamond, who had previously been lined up for a fight on two occasions, would proceed with the bout as they each sought their first UFC victory.

The winner wouldn’t have an easy night.

After a brief touch of gloves, both combatants occupied the center of the octagon. The fight began with a low kick from Blood Diamond, then a high kick from Cosce. Cosce’s hook was deflected by Blood Diamond, who also delivered a front kick. Cosce attempted to take down Diamond, but he failed. Diamond was placed against the fence by Cosce. Cosce was reversed by Diamond after almost two minutes. Diamond rose back up after Cosce’s trip takedown. Cosce successfully completed another takedown, but this time she maintained side control over him. There was just a few seconds remaining when Diamond stood back up. Cosce successfully executed a belly-to-back suplex, but accomplished little else with it. The two competitors were back in the middle of the octagon when the round came to a close.

Round two was initiated by Blood Diamond with a low kick. Blood Diamond delivered a strike that forced Cosce to clinch thirty seconds into the round. Blood Diamond was placed against the fence by Cosce. Then, after about 20 seconds, they switched positions. Cosce struck from the clinch two minutes into the second. After some time, Blood Diamond managed to escape and score a body kick. With two minutes left, both men appeared to be quite worn out. Cosce was hit by an elbow and a front kick from Blood Diamond. During the break, Galaxy delivered a back fist in response to Diamond’s spinning back fist, which injured Cosce. Cosce stumbled, but Diamond managed to secure himself. Cosce was also struck by a knee from Blood Diamond, who then started to light up his opponent. Cosce secured a victory by locking up with Diamond.

an uncommon double backfist
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The third round began with both competitors moving slowly. Blood Diamond fired back with his own blow after Cosce had already delivered one. Cosce once more pushed Diamond up against the fence before scoring a takedown. Blood Diamond stood up again, but Cosce leaped onto Diamond’s back with three seconds left. They’d descend again. Diamond stood his ground against Cosce’s arm triangle. Cosce entirely in charge of Blood Diamond at the conclusion of the round.

Official Result: Blood Diamond is defeated by Orion Cosce in a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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