Netflix will change the Squid Game phone number after a woman received a barrage of calls –


After her phone number was used as a crucial narrative component in the popular Netflix (NFLX.O) series Squid Game, a South Korean lady who received hundreds of prank calls and texts may soon find some comfort.

The phone number can be seen on a cryptic invitation card that is handed to potential players of a variety of dangerous children’s games, according to Netflix and local production company Siren Pictures, who claimed on Wednesday that they will edit scenes to remove the number. View More

When the nine-part thriller made its streaming service debut last month, it quickly proved popular since it showed financially constrained participants playing to the death in an effort to win 45.6 billion won ($38.31 million). View More

The owner of the phone number, identified as Kim Gil-young, a lady who owns a business in the southeast county of Seongju, was interviewed by local network SBS and appeared on TV last month. She displayed a few of the messages she had received, among them invites to play the Squid Game and rise from poverty to opulence.

On Wednesday, no one picked up when Reuters called the specified number.

Netflix said on Wednesday, requesting fans to desist making hoax calls or texts, “We are working to rectify this issue in conjunction with the production firm, including editing scenes with phone numbers when appropriate.”

The woman told SBS last month that she was unable to change her phone number due to client relationships and that she had turned down a compensation offer of 1 million won ($840). According to SBS, she has subsequently received offers of compensation totaling up to 5 million won.

On Wednesday, Netflix and Siren Pictures declined to comment on any offers of compensation.

Huh Kyung-young, a presidential contender, grabbed attention last week when he posted a Facebook offer of 100 million won ($84,023) to purchase the show’s leaked number.

The country’s telecoms industry law prohibits the sale or acquisition of telephone numbers since they are restricted national resources.

TV shows streamed through over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix do not have access to the service provided by the Korean Film Council, which is part of the culture ministry.

Netflix and Siren had previously claimed that they had purposefully only displayed the final eight digits of the mobile phone number and were not aware that the prefix would be inserted to complete the number when it was dialed.


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