Loretta Lynn’s homages are led by Dolly Parton.

Loretta Lynn

From Mark Savage Dolly Parton, a BBC music correspondent, has paid homage to Loretta Lynn’s “amazing talent” in the wake of the country music icon’s passing at the age of 90.

The singer added, “So sorry to hear about my sister, friend Loretta.
“She was a lovely human being,” I said. “We’ve been like sisters for the years we’ve been in Nashville.”

Lynn, who is best known for the song Coal Miner’s Daughter, has also received tributes from Carole King, Carrie Underwood, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Jack White.


Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) October 4, 2022 White referred to the celebrity as a “mother figure” and “the finest female singer-songwriter of the 20th century” when working on an album with her in 2004.

In an Instagram video, he described her as “such a wonderful presence and such a brilliant mind in ways that I think only individuals who got to work with her might know about.”

“What she accomplished for feminism and women’s rights during a time and in a musical genre where it was most difficult to do so is just extraordinary and will last for a very long time.

For others who followed after her, “she broke down a lot of barriers.”

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The country music icon passed away on Tuesday in her Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, home, according to a statement from her family.

At a time when country music frequently silenced the voices of women, she rose to fame by writing songs about their problems. Her lyrics were replete with references to her own, frequently tumultuous marriage as well as rural pride, grit, and tenacity.

Queen of Country music Loretta Lynn dies aged 90 She was the second of eight siblings, and her defining song, Coal Miner’s Daughter, described her modest upbringing in a one-room log cabin in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky.

Other songs that became successes, such as The Fist, Rated X, and Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’, portrayed strong women standing up to dishonest men.

On the album We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby from 1978, she sung, “Up till now, I’ve been an item created for pleasin’ you.” The world has changed, and now I demand fulfillment as well.

Despite upsetting the conservative country music radio programmers with some of her songs, like The Pill, which praised reproductive freedom, she nevertheless achieved 16 number one hits and had a lasting impact on generations.


It’s safe to assume that if it weren’t for Loretta Lynn, added Margo Price , “I wouldn’t even be making country music now. “As real as the day was long, so was her writing.”

It’s reasonable to say that if Loretta Lynn hadn’t existed, I probably wouldn’t even be creating country music now. She demonstrated for me what it was like to be a mother and a musician. Her prose was as honest as the day itself. This one hurts even worse. I will always miss her. pic.twitter.com/xpQZwp4TnB

In a lengthy Instagram post, Margo Price (@MissMargoPrice) described her first encounter with Lynn, which took place at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.
She claimed, “I was talking to another artist in the corner when someone walked behind me and hit me on the rear!”
“When I turned back, there she was, walking down the hall in a large sparkly dress and giggling at what she had just done.

“One of my all-time favorite stories to tell is this one. It seems to capture her character very nicely. She was a temperamental little firecracker who spoke her thoughts and was nice and sweet.

She cannot be replaced, continued Underwood. She will be sorely missed, but those of us who she has influenced carry on her legacy.

pic.twitter.com/lMThmUgY8x 0 claimed that when Lynn agreed to duet with him and George Jones on the song Country Music Has The Blues, it was “one of my finest honors.”

He wrote, next to a picture of a personalized copy of Lynn’s album Van Lear Rose, “She presented me this amazing gift on that day.

Crystal Gayle, a fellow country music artist and half-sister of Lynn, merely tweeted: “The world lost a legend. A sister passed away. I cherish you, Loretta.

A legend was lost to history. A sister passed away. Loretta, I love you. pic.twitter.com/lMThmUgY8x 1 pic.twitter.com/lMThmUgY8x 2

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Crystal Gayle (@TheCrystalGayle)
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 90-year-old country music icon Loretta Lynn passes away
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