In a recent petition, Angelina Jolie describes the alleged mistreatment by Brad Pitt.


In the days following the announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce in September 2016, reports of an earlier flight during which Pitt allegedly grew intoxicated and started acting aggressively toward Jolie and their children surfaced through the news media. Except for the statement that the FBI was conducting an investigation, there wasn’t much formal information available at the time about the claimed occurrence.

The FBI concluded their investigation into the incident that November and declared no charges will be brought. But Jolie has provided details of her account of the events surrounding the Sept. 14, 2016, flight from France to Los Angeles in a countercomplaint she filed on Tuesday in a dispute that is still pending in a civil court over a French winery the pair once co-owned. According to the complaint, which was submitted in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, the claimed encounter caused Jolie and Pitt, whom she wed in 2014, to part ways.

The Washington Post sent emails to Pitts’ attorneys on Tuesday, but they did not reply. Pitt’s representative declined to respond.

The cross-complaint alleges that Pitt physically and verbally abused Jolie and their kids on the overnight flight from their shared winery and residence, Chateau Miraval, to Los Angeles. Although it’s unknown how many of Pitt and Jolie’s six kids were on the plane,

According to the lawsuit, Jolie contacted Pitt after the plane took off to find out why he had been agitated earlier in the day. According to the new affidavit, Pitt then accused her of showing too much deference to their children, who were also traveling with them. According to the cross-complaint, an hour and a half later, Pitt allegedly ordered Jolie to accompany him to the back of the aircraft, where he dragged her into the restroom and yelled at her.

According to the petition, Pitt grabbed Jolie by the head and violently shook her before grabbing her shoulders and shaking her once more and slamming her into the restroom wall.

It further states that Jolie exited the restroom after Pitt repeatedly hit the plane’s ceiling. According to the cross-complaint, when one of the kids asked Pitt whether Jolie was okay, Pitt screamed back, “No, mommy’s not ok,” while also insulting Jolie.

The complaint claims that one of the kids also defended Jolie verbally, which made Pitt lunge at the kid. Jolie claims in the complaint that Pitt damaged her back and elbow as he flung himself backward toward the flight seats as she attempted to stop him.

The cross-complaint claims that the kids jumped in and heroically tried to defend one another, and that before it was ended, Pitt choked one of the kids and punched another in the face. A few of the kids begged Pitt to stop.

The allegation continues, “They were all terrified.” Many people were sobbing.

Pitt allegedly remained in the plane’s back as Jolie and the kids sat motionless and silently behind blankets. Jolie claims Pitt only came out to rant and curse at her and the kids.

According to the petition, he once poured beer on Jolie and later red wine and beer on the kids.

The new paper claims that Pitt pushed Jolie and yelled that no one was getting off the plane after the jet arrived and Jolie said she was going to stay with the kids at a hotel. It also claims that Pitt prevented the family from stepping off the plane for roughly 20 minutes. According to the cross-complaint, Pitt physically injured Jolie and one of the kids once more after the family got off the plane before Jolie and the kids left.

According to the petition, Jolies’ marriage ended on the day of the trip.

According to the papers, Jolie filed for divorce five days later. It further states that the FBI agent who looked into the claimed incident came to the conclusion that there was enough evidence to support Pitt being charged with a federal felony for his actions on that particular day.

Due to its authority over aircraft, the FBI conducted an investigation. The FBI and the Los Angeles office of the US Attorney both declined to comment.

The FBI did not provide a justification for its decision not to press charges, but it did state that its agents would have spoken with the U.S. attorneys office before reaching a decision.

The lawsuit on Tuesday is merely the most recent legal shot in the contentious breakup of the once-famous Brangelina marriage. The cross-complaint was filed in response to a lawsuit Pitt filed, in which Pitt claimed that Jolie sold her stake in Chateau Miraval, which the complaint claims the couple purchased in 2008, in an unlawful manner to a division of the alcohol company Stoli Group. Jolie responds by saying that she has every right to make the sale. According to the filing, Stoli gave her $67 million.

According to the cross-complaint, Jolie initially wanted to sell her part to Pitt, but he made a contract contingent on her signing a non-disparagement agreement, which would have prevented her from discussing Pitt’s physical and emotional abuse of Jolie and their children outside of court.

It further states that Jolie was forced to reveal her memories of the flight as a result of Pitt’s legal action against her over the sale of her interest.

According to the document, Jolie has gone to great lengths to try to protect their children from reliving the suffering Pitt caused the family that day. She has never previously publicly explained why she and Pitt reached this point in their relationship, why they divorced, why she and the kids have been unable to return to Chateau Miraval, why she had to sell her interest in Chateau Miraval, and more.


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