Exclusive: Feds: Neo-Nazi Marine Plotted Mass Killing, Rape Campaigns with Group


A former U.S. Marine is accused by federal authorities of planning mass murder and sexual assault in order to reduce the number of people of color living in the country as part of his affiliation with Rapekrieg, a far-right neo-Nazi group.

In order to conduct a straw purchase of an assault rifle and a handgun, Matthew Belanger was apprehended on June 10 in New York and charged with making false statements to a federal guns licensee. At his Monday arraignment appearance, Belanger entered a not guilty plea to the guns charges.

Federal prosecutors claim in a July 14 court memo that Belanger planned much more serious crimes as a member of the neo-Nazi organisation while he was a Marine. According to the document, Belanger engaged in airsoft pistol training in the Long Island woods as part of a scheme to strike the Zionist Order of Governments. The report further states that Belanger was under investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce for allegedly intending to commit mass murder and sexual assault. According to the document, Belanger’s philosophy and scheming are largely motivated by a desire to reduce the population of non-white Americans and rape white women in order to boost the birth rate of white children.

Prosecutors claim that Belanger violated federal firearms laws twice by buying weapons through a strawman in a criminal complaint against him that was filed on June 8. Prosecutors assert that in one instance, Belanger was given a PTR91 assault rifle by an anonymous New York police officer when he was stationed in Hawaii. According to an affidavit from FBI investigators, Belanger allegedly ordered the same officer to spend approximately $1,000 for a Luger handgun, which was used by the Nazi military during World War II.

From April 2019 to May 2021, Belanger served in the Marine Corps. In that month, the Marine Corps released him with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. This so-called bad paper discharge, which is given for misconduct, disqualifies the recipient from receiving some veteran benefits and prevents them from reenlisting.

Officials from the Marine Corps and the FBI searched Belanger’s barracks and electronic equipment in October 2020. They discovered 1,950 photographs, videos, and papers relating to white supremacist organizations, Nazi literature, violence against women, violence against the Jewish community, mass killers, horrific uncensored executions and/or rape, and past mass murderers like Dylan Roof.

At the moment, Belanger is being held at a federal detention facility in Honolulu. Although Belanger has not been charged with any crimes connected to his alleged membership in Rapekrieg, prosecutors argued that he should be held in pretrial detention due to his extremist beliefs and the fact that his alleged plots posed a risk of disappearance as well as a danger to the community. A federal judge agreed with the prosecutors.

Rolling Stones’ attempts for response from the Justice Department, the Marine Corps, and Belanger’s counsel went unanswered.

Leighton Lee, Belanger’s attorney, has claimed that his client ought to be allowed home detention with an ankle monitor. Lee argued in court papers that Belanger was not a flight risk in part because he had remained put despite being aware of his federal investigation’s existence for over two years.

Prosecutors claim that Rapekrieg shares views and affiliations with other neo-Nazi organizations like Rapewaffen and Atomwaffen, a neo-Nazi terrorist organization whose members have been accused with federal firearms violations and threatening journalists and have been connected to at least one homicide.

Prosecutors stated in the detention memo that the groups are related and that they advocate racially motivated violent extremist neo-Nazi speech and call for violent activities to advance their extreme ideology. The document quotes a Rapekrieg manifesto that praises the rape philosophy as a powerful weapon against the group’s adversaries. Additionally, it issues a warning that membership in the group is not appropriate for anyone who thinks they are unable to shoot a Jewish youngster.

According to the prosecution, the FBI started looking into Rapekrieg in 2020 and found more about Belanger’s involvement from two anonymous witnesses: W1, a friend of Belanger and a Rapekrieg member, and W2, a Rapekrieg member.

W1 reported to the FBI that Belanger allegedly visited his home in an effort to practice combat techniques in the adjacent woods. W1 also reported to the FBI that Belanger had used an unidentified social media account under the name Adolf Hitler to discuss an attack on a synagogue. Belanger allegedly used that social media account to work on a document outlining a plan to kill Jews. The detention memo listed the names and addresses of two people well-known for their engagement with the Jewish community.

The second witness, a group member, informed authorities that Rapekrieg intended to take action against both known and unknown targets. The witness said that Belanger and other members of the organization had spied on an unnamed synagogue in 2019 in preparation for a Molotov cocktail attack.

The FBI was also informed by a confidential source that Belanger discussed the potential rape of an unnamed girl with other Rapekrieg members in an encrypted group chat while referring to the victim as a “good find” and “could possibly get her pretty easy rn” and sharing images of the victim from her high school years and music recital.

According to police enforcement, Belanger allegedly set up a false Twitter account under the fictitious name of Israel Shillingstein, a gay Jewish man with two adopted daughters, in order to incite Black animosity toward the Jewish community by making offensive remarks while posing as a Jew.

After the uprising on January 6, when many veterans were accused of invading the Capitol, efforts to look into far-right extremism in the military grew. However, counterextremism initiatives faced stiff opposition this month. An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have required the Departments of Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security to compile a report on extremism among the armed forces was rejected by every Republican in the House. The Senate’s Armed Services Committee has requested that the Pentagon immediately terminate its Countering Extremist Activity Working Group because it considers military extremism to be exceptionally rare and the working group’s actions to be a waste of public money.


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