Barcelona defeated New York Red Bulls 2-0 despite Robert Lewandowski’s inability to score.


Robert Lewandowski, a new forward for Barcelona, has made three starts and has yet to score despite having numerous chances in his team’s 2-0 friendly victory over the New York Red Bulls in front of a pro-Barcelona sellout crowd at Red Bull Arena.

Ousmane Dembele was the key figure in the Barcelona offense for the second game in a row. After combining with Raphinha across the field, the Frenchman unleashed a shot into the far side net. With three minutes left, Memphis Depay completed the scoring by taking advantage of a defensive blunder.

The first half was dominated by the New York Red Bulls, who nearly managed a goalless tie going into the break. Goalkeeper Carlos Coronel made a number of outstanding saves to keep the game close, but Dembele broke through right before halftime.

Lewandowski received several of Barcelona’s finest opportunities, but he either fired the ball straight at the goalkeeper or missed the mark. Lewandowski flashed a wry smile at his good fortune on the evening as RBNY’s backup ‘keeper Ryan Meara made the most recent in the string of saves.

After four games in the United States, Barcelona returned to Spain with three victories and one tie. Prior to facing Rayo Vallecano in the opening game of the La Liga season in mid-August, they will play Mexican team Pumas UNAM in their home stadium, Camp Nou. The Red Bulls are still making an effort to qualify for the MLS playoffs in October and win their first MLS Cup.

Watch the two goals Ousmane Dembele scored against Juventus here.

DEMBELE, OUSMANE, RAPHINHA AMERICA’S MVPS TOUR Barcelona fans will have a ton of fun this year if the recent matches in the USA are anything to go by. Over the course of the 10 days, wings Raphinha and Ousmane Dembele each had numerous magical moments, but against the Red Bulls, they collaborated for one.

When both of them are on the field at once, opposition defenses will find it difficult to stop them due to the quick chemistry they’ve displayed and their ability to switch flanks so easily.

Particularly Dembele seems to be in midseason form already, so Barcelona would be wise to just give him the ball and let him cause mayhem. He is able to overcome defenses on his own thanks to his slalom runs. The re-signing of Dembele may have been the most crucial decision made in terms of personnel throughout the offseason. He can unleash the attack’s full ability at Barcelona.

Why is Robert Lewandowski unable to score? So what happened to the goal-scoring forward that Barcelona believed it had secured in the Polish player? He is notorious for blowing opportunities, yet despite having several against the Red Bulls, he still failed to score. There is still one more friendly for him to try to break his duck, failing which the pressure for the La Liga debut against Rayo Vallecano will definitely increase.

Lewandowski appears to be having trouble scoring during this brief three-game sample due to a combination of unfavorable luck, solid defending, and some misplaced shots. The truth is that the penalty area will be congested considering how opponents choose to sit back and frustrate Barcelona. Lewandowski wants to be clinical every time he gets the chance in the box. Lewandowski might benefit from occasionally being a little more creative and unpredictable with his finishing attempts.

Xavi: “Lewandowski is upset, but that’s expected. The same thing occurred when Luis Surez first arrived. He’ll win in the end.”

Twitter user @BarcaUniversal July 31, 2022 ALBA VS. BALDE MIDFIELD GIVES DE JONG TIME Alejandro Balde, who is only 18 years old, provided those who want to see him earn more playing time at left back over 33-year-old Jordi Alba additional ammunition in his brief cameo. It’s difficult to imagine that Xavi won’t test himself against some of the elite La Liga teams to see if he can record a performance like this:

New York Red Bulls vs. Alejandro Balde | FC Barcelona Pre-Season 2022/2023 | 31 July 2022

ArsenKveFCB July 31, 2022 (@ArsenKveFCB) It was noteworthy that manager Xavi Hernandez only handed Pedri 30 minutes of playing time in other lineup changes. The 19-year-minutes old’s seem to be being managed by Xavi already after his excessive effort for club and country last season.

Additionally, the much-discussed Frenkie de Jong was used in central midfield against the Red Bulls after two games in which he played at center-back. One month remains in the European transfer market, and Xavi is adamant that his lineup decisions have nothing to do with De Jong.

Final Score: NY RED BULLS vs. Barcelona Final 1H 2H: NY Red Bulls vs. Barcelona 1 1 2 Objects: BAR 40th minute.BAR – Ousmane Dembele (Raphinha) 87th minute: Memphis Depay

Lineups for Barcelona:
4-3-3, right to left, Barcelona first half: Ter Stegen Alba De Jong, Busquets, Gavi Dembele, Lewandowski, Raphinha, Araujo, Christensen, Eric

Ter Stegen (Pena) Roberto, Eric, Pique, Alba (Balde), Kessie, Busquets (Pjanic), Pedri (Torre) Raphinha (Aubameyang), Lewandowski (Depay), and Fati make up Barcelona’s 4-3-3 in the second half.

lineups for the NY Red Bulls

Coronel Reyes, S. Nealis, Long Harper, Casseres Jr, Yearwood, Tolkin Luquinhas, Klimala, and Morgan for the NY Red Bulls in the first half (3-4-3, from right to left)

Meara Edelman, Ndam, D. Nealis Mullings, Sserwadda, Amaya, Ofori (Ryan) Barlow, Clark, and Fernandez made up the NY Red Bulls’ 3-4-3 in the second half.

Brooklyn vs. Barcelona LIVE UPDATE, PRESEASON FINAL HIGHLIGHTS: 87th minute, NY RED BULLS 0, BARCELONA 2: Barcelona scores! When the RBNY goalkeeper and defender Dylan Nealis are unable to clear the ball, Memphis Depay sprints onto it, pokes it away, and then slots it into an open goal.

(@FCBarcelona cat) FC Barcelona 82nd minute, July 31, 2022 : Daniel Edelman of RBNY is dismissed! The referee made a hard choice there. Pablo Torre of Barcelona was collided with by Edelman, although no studs were visible. Although it was late, it is debatable if the player’s safety was in jeopardy. The Red Bulls will play the remaining time with 10 men.

Hold on, it’s in @DanEdelman24 !

Xavier (@couldbexav) might be. 77th minute July 31, 2022 : Ansu Fati came close to scoring after Pablo Torre took over for Pedri, but RBNY goalkeeper Ryan Meara made a fantastic finger-tip save on a Barcelona cross that was diverted by his own defender. The corner has no effect.

Qu bien lo haba hecho Balde, el tiro de Ansu 0 1 se fue por muy poco.

@Polyccio8 Pol Alonso 2 72nd minute: Robert Lewandowski has gone three games without scoring. He exits the stage for Memphis Depay. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen is replaced by Inaki Pena in goal for Barcelona.

Zach Ryan replaces Curtis Ofori for the Red Bulls after he has played over 30 minutes.
Ansu Fati’s scissor volley in the 68th minute goes well over the bar, and judging on his look, he feels he could have done better.

61st minute: Three Barcelona substitutions. Alejandro Balde for Jordi Alba, Miralem Pjanic for Busquets, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the players (for Raphinha). And it appears that Robert Lewandowski won’t quit the game until he scores. Below is a revised lineup:

4-3-3, right to left, Barcelona 61st minute: 1 Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (GK) Twenty-Sergi Roberto, Eric Garcia, 24, Gerard Pique three (capt.), Antoine Balde, number 28 Franz Kessie, Miralem Pjanic (16), 8-Pedri Peter-Emerick Aubameyang (17), Robert Lewandowski (12) and Ansu Fati (10).

60th minute: Gerard Pique is issued a warning for striking Tom Barlow. The supporters were booing Pique constantly since it was late and unpleasant.

Lewandowski can only laugh it off in the 58th minute. He is still unable to score. Ryan Meara, the goalkeeper, made the stop over the bar this time. 3

(@FCBarcelona es) FC Barcelona Hassan Ndam, a defender for the RBNY, confronts Robert Lewandowski in the 56th minute after Lewandowski claims Ndam nicked him during a challenge. Ndam isn’t giving up.

Please don’t touch my leash 5

Omir Fernandez has the ball in the center of the Barcelona defense as the Red Bulls have a great opportunity, but he doesn’t pass it to teammate Tom Barlow, and the opportunity is lost. — andra (@andreaxfc) 6 51st min.

46th minute: The Red Bulls send out a completely new starting lineup as the second half begins. Barcelona makes a few modifications as well.
Ansu Fati (Ousmane Dembele), Gerard Pique (Andreas Christensen), Sergi Roberto (Ronald Araujo), Pedri (for Gavi), and Franck Kessie (for Frenkie de Jong) are all present.

46th minute for Barcelona (4-3-3, right to left): Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (GK) Twenty-Sergi Roberto, Three. Gerard Pique, Eric Garcia, 24, —Jordi Alba Franz Kessie, Sergio Busquets, No. 5, and Pedir 22-Raphinha, Robert Lewandowski (12) and Ansu Fati (10).

46th minute, NY Red Bulls (3-4-3, right to left): 18-Ryan Meara (GK) Daniel Edelman (#75), Hassan Ndam (98), Dylan Nealis, age 12 O’Vonte Mullings (88), Steve Sserwadda, 65 8-Curtis Ofori and Frankie Amaya Tom Barlow, 74 Caden Clark, 37, and Omir Fernandez, 21

HALFTIME: BARCELONA 1, NY RED BULLS 0 1 The Red Bulls stood firm and came close to going into the half with a 0-0 score, but there was a lot of last-ditch goalkeeping and defending as the half went on. Robert Lewandowski is still unable to score, but Ousmane Dembele and Raphinha were able to improvise, which led to the goal. Lewa is more predictable in his movements and shots.

Dembl scored three more goals on this US tour than he did in 32 appearances for Barcelona during the previous campaign (2) 7

@Barca19stats adil 8 40th minute: Barcelona scores! Dembele is fed by Raphinha on the right, and his diagonal shot sneaks inside the far post and past the RBNY goalkeeper. Dembele has now scored three goals in his last two games.

Dembele came all the way from the left and back to his native right flank to score after he and Raphinha exchanged sides. 9 Don Ousmane

(@FCBarcelona es) FC Barcelona July 31, 2022 0 38th minute: Cristian Casseres of RBNY is now receiving a yellow card for a foul on De Jong in the middle of the field.

30th minute: The Red Bulls have recently engaged in a lot of emergency defending, and Carlos Coronel is punching another shot by Lewandowski, who has yet to score.

28th minute: The Barcelona players contest every foul that has been called on them. After being given a yellow card for a push-off foul on Cristian Casseres, Ronaldo Araujo threw the ball away in anger. But it was fairly obvious because Araujo was reaching out with his arms.

Lewandowski failed once more in the 24th minute! Lewandowski’s attempt inside the box was blocked by Aaron Long and Carlos Coronel. But Long deserves praise for racing and keeping pace with Ousmane Dembele throughout a full-out sprint.


July 31, 2022 2 Carlos Coronel, The Brazilian Brick Wall July 31, 2022 3

Twitter account for the New York Red Bulls 20th minute of July 31, 2022 4: Lewandowski again comes close. Sean Nealis, an RBNY defender, is maneuvered out of the way as he fires a shot over the crossbar. That solo maneuver was outstanding.

The desire she has to mark Lewy One will desist after the first falls. 0 July 31, 2022 5

@Polyccio8 Pol Alonso 17th minute, July 31, 2022 6: Robert Lewandowski’s first shot at goal is a header that misses the crossbar. He obviously needs assistance.

15th minute: Barcelona’s best opportunity! In the Red Bulls box, Ousmane Dembele rushes onto a ball and scores on the first attempt. It’s not accurate. Dembele has had a lot of activity. He appears to be prepared to start this season strong.

14th minute: The Red Bulls get another decent chance. Dru Yearwood’s dipping volley narrowly clears the crossbar. So far, RBNY has seemed more dangerous.

7th minute: Frenkie de Jong now misses an outside-the-boot pass intended for Ousmane Dembele on the other side of the field. Carlos Coronel of RBNY made a simple grab.

The Red Bulls’ first shot comes in the fifth minute. When Cameron Harper takes it, it departs significantly from the norm. Red Bulls off to a good start.

In the fourth minute, Andreas Christensen made a good defensive move against RBNY’s Lewis Morgan, who was guarding the left attacking wing.
The enormous defensive success of Christensen 0 July 31, 2022 7

@Polyccio8 Pol Alonso July 31, 2022 8 first minute: We have started. Barcelona is in gold, and Red Bulls are in red.

Els d’avui titulars July 31, 2022 9

(@FCBarcelona cat) FC Barcelona 0 Thierry Henry, wearing a split jersey, tosses the coin two minutes before kickoff. He participated for both teams.

Thierry, welcome back home! 1 2 3.

Twitter account for the New York Red Bulls 4 ten minutes before kickoff Even The Rock wouldn’t want to skip this fight.

day at work in casual attire 5 6

Twitter account for the New York Red Bulls 7 20 minutes before kickoff The Red Bulls may be the away team in their own building as the Barcelona players enter the field for warm-ups.

The Bara players enter to start the calentating on the 8! People are so disorganized with the team today that the grade is almost all azure. 9 July 31, 2022 0

Adri Albets, July 31, 2022 1 @AdriaAlbets 90 minutes before kickoff Here is how the Red Bulls are preparing for a game that they view as a yardstick.

The Red Bulls are getting ready to host FC Barcelona at Red Bull Arena for a friendly on Saturday after a hectic week of travel. Listen to our thoughts on the upcoming game. July 31, 2022 2 July 31, 2022 3

Red Bulls of New York (@NewYorkRedBulls) July 31, 2022 4 LINEUPS FOR BARCELONA VS. NY RED BULLS Jules Kounde, a recent transfer addition to Barcelona, will be introduced in Spain this week and is not currently a member of the team. Ferran Torres, who is anticipated to play against Pumas next weekend, is the second player who is certain to be left off the roster. He has a foot injury and is healing.

Ronaldo Araujo makes the start after receiving the night off against Juventus along with Pedri. After alternating between center-back and center-back in the previous two exhibition games, Frenkie de Jong will finally have the chance to start and show off his skills in midfield.

Starting lineup for Barcelona (4-3-3, from right to left): 1-Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (GK) Roger Araujo, Andreas Christensen (15), Eric Garcia, 24, —Jordi Alba Frénkie de Jong, 30-Gavi, 5-Sergio Busquets (capt. ), and Ousmane Dembele (#7), Robert Lewandowski (12), and Raphinha (22)

Inaki Pena (GK), 25, and Arnau Tenas (36), Barcelona substitutes (GK), 2. Sergei Dest Three. Gerard Pique, Twenty-Sergi Roberto, Alex Collado, Marc Casado, Alejandro Balde, Franz Kessie, Paulo Torre, Miralem Pjanic (16), Nicolas Gonzalez, 8-Pedri, Abde Ezzalzouli, 33 Memphis Depay (#9) ten Ansu Fati Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, age 17.

Given that the Red Bulls have six games scheduled in the next 21 days, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of their lineup will see action versus Barcelona. In order to impose his pressing style of play on the 26-time La Liga champions, head coach Gerhard Struber hopes to see his team play with the same intensity.

Starting lineup for the NY Red Bulls (3-4-3, right to left): Coronel, Carlos (GK) (4) Andrés Reyes 15 – Sean Nealis 32. Aaron Long (capt.) Cameron Harper (#17), Christopher Casseres Jr. Dru Yearwood (16), 57. John Tolkin 82-Luquinhas, Pasyk Klimala (#9) and Lewis Morgan (#10)

New York Red Bulls substitutes (13): 18-Ryan Meara (GK), forty-AJ Marcucci (GK), Hassan Ndam, Curtis Ofori, O’Vonte Mullings, and Dylan Nealis, 12 Daniel Edelman (#75), Steve Sserwadda, 65 8, Omir Fernandez, 21, and Frankie Amaya Caden Clark (#37), Tom Barlow, 74, and Zach Ryan, 28

LIVE STREAM OF NY RED BULLS VS. BARCELONA TV CHANNEL UK, USA, and Canada Australia Date Saturday, July 30 Saturday, July 30 Sunday, July 31 TV channel MSG Network, time 0:00 BST, 19:00 ET, and 09:00 AEST (in USA) Streaming Barca TV July 31, 2022 5 Red Bull TV, Barca TV, ViX July 31, 2022 6, and OneSoccer Barca TV Australia and the United Kingdom: Barcelona’s internal streaming service, Barca TV, which requires a subscription, will broadcast this weekend’s friendly between New York Red Bulls and Barcelona from Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey, to a global audience.

Regional network MSG Network, July 31, 2022 7 will broadcast the friendly on Saturday in the United States. The Red Bulls will also broadcast the game internally on Red Bull TV.

Fans in Canada may watch the game on OneSoccer, which is streamed on fuboTV.


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