After parents testified in the Sandy Hook case, a judge reprimanded Alex Jones for lying under oath.


Tuesday during the sentencing phase of the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ defamation trial in Austin, Texas, the parents of a Sandy Hook victim stood up in front of him and spoke to him directly about the suffering he has caused them.

In the first of three defamation lawsuits brought by the parents of Sandy Hook victims against the InfoWars host, liability was already established. Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin’s attorneys are suing Jones for $150 million in compensation after their son Jesse, age six, died in the Newtown, Connecticut, school tragedy in 2012.

Lewis and Heslin both testified in court on Tuesday, and while Jones wasn’t present, the host was live-streaming his own analysis of Heslin’s testimony from a nearby studio. Jones was present during some of Lewis’ testimony in the courtroom. She confronted him and reprimanded him for his remarks regarding the Sandy Hook shooting, which he had initially referred to as a false flag operation.

Jones was told by Lewis, “You know that’s not true,” according to the New York Times. There is a segment of society that thinks you are truly dangerous when you say those things.

Lewis said, making reference to Jones’ assertion that the victims of the massacre were crisis actors: “Jesse was genuine. Real mom here.

Lewis further stated that Jones’s followers on Jones InfoWars have harassed her and even threatened to kill her, CNN reports, which has caused her to live in fear for the 10 years since the incident. I’m unable to recover because of my worry, anxiety, and sense of unease, Lewis claimed. It undoubtedly has a negative effect on the healing process.

My life has been threatened, Heslin added in her testimony. I worry about my life. I worry about the lives and safety of my family members.

Lewis claimed that although Jones has modified his position on the Sandy Hook false flag incident, no true apology has been made. But if that happened, it would be similar to getting in a vehicle accident where you run over someone and seriously injure them before saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m not responsible for any of the damage I just caused,” to the person who is lying on the ground. But I apologize. That is my perspective.

Jones has claimed he is bankrupt despite InfoWars making around $50 million a year in sales of dietary supplements, doomsday preparedness kits, and the like; InfoWars parent company Free Speech Systems filed for bankruptcy protection in April; a jury will ultimately decide the monetary damages against Jones.

Jones was reprimanded by Judge Maya Guerra Gamble for lying under oath when he tried to inform the jury on Tuesday that he was bankrupt.

You think whatever you say is true, but Gamble pointed out that thoughts do not always qualify something as true. That is what we are doing in this situation. It doesn’t make something true just because you say you believe it to be true. You are not protected by it. It is prohibited. You are sworn in. That implies that whatever you say must be truthful.


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