After defeating the Saints, all the Bengals Had to Say


Joe Burrow, Bengals quarterback

(When asked if the atmosphere today reminded him of college) “Yes, it always does when you play in this state. The fans go bonkers. Coming back and having that experience was absurd. Thankfully, we succeed. For us, it was a wonderful day.

(about how it felt to pass the ball to Ja’Marr Chase for the game-winning touchdown) “That was a tremendous play by him.” I’ll attempt to track down that player when things go tough, and he’ll make plays for us. That guy never surprises me.

When I saw the look, I knew I was heading there. (On how quickly he decided to throw the final touchdown to Chase.) The Saints’ defense is excellent—really excellent. They were difficult to work with all day. Down the stretch, we make a move to win.

I have a lot of wonderful memories,” he said of his feeling upon entering the stadium this morning. Despite the fact that it was only one game, I have many wonderful memories of this stadium, as well as of its culture and its supporters. It was wonderful to return and experience that enthusiasm once more.

When entering the stadium, Ja’Marr Chase wore his LSU shirt from the National Championship game because he wanted to honor the residents of Louisiana. What better way to do it than with Ja’Marr’s national championship game jersey?

It’s third down, he says (during a late-game scramble). In essence, the game is on the line. I am aware that I have to act. I relied on my training because I knew I could extend plays in those circumstances further than I may have otherwise. We required a play, I knew. Tyler Boyd did a fantastic job of opening up. For us, the play was fantastic.

Ja’Marr Chase of the Bengals said, “Me and Joe (Burrow) were on the same page with the back shoulder, which was the game-winning touchdown catch (pass). He threw me so I could cause a man to miss. I just made a play with my feet when I spotted Tyrann (Mathieu) coming.

(on Burrow sporting an LSU jersey owned by Chase) I thought it was crazy when he asked for it because I had no idea what he would do with it. I thought that was sort of amazing that he was representing me while I was in my hometown when I saw him wearing it.

On the wall, where the jersey was kept. Just to deliver it to him, I had to take it down.

(about the mood today) “Knowing that I was back home was wild.” It was a chaotic crowd. They were crazy fans. Bengals and New Orleans supporters were eager to see each other. It was a truly incredible experience.

(On the significance of the victory) “Just knowing that I have the advantage on beating New Orleans means a lot actually.” After the season, I can be a little rude when I return home. That’s great. My family, as far as I’m aware, is a Saints fanatic. It’s beneficial for me to return home and slightly slap them in the face.

defender for the Bengals Theo Apple

“Any time you win a football game in the NFL, it’s a nice thing,” he said after picking up a victory in his return to New Orleans. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Given his experience with the Saints, he is asked if this is satisfying. “A win is a win, baby.” We wish to continue. That is why he is the best, Ja’Marr Chase said in reference to his final touchdown. After the catch, run (is his specialty). He is untouchable following the catch. He was disputed. He ran really well. That angle as well (was special). We must continue doing that, too.


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