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There are many options for genuinely wireless earbuds available right now. Many are affordable, whereas many others cost a lot of money but don’t provide quality. The 1Mores EVO earphones aim to change that by providing significantly greater fidelity for a similar price. Here is our in-depth evaluation of the 1More EVO.

A HEFTY BUILD MEANS A HEFTY SOUND The EVO earphones’ size is the first thing you’ll notice about them. They are obviously on the larger side of things even if they are by no means enormous. I became so accustomed to a small form factor when using and reviewing the 1More ComfoBuds Mini that holding and using the 1More EVO earphones was a complete shock.

You won’t forget that the earphones’ case is there, but it won’t irritate you any more than an AirPods Pro case would. The earbuds’ case is very thick and just on the border of comfortably fitting in your pocket. The construction of this item is excellent. The aluminum that covers the shell has a lovely feel to it on the top and edges. The case won’t slip away because the bottom is made of a silicone material that holds firmly. One of the worst aspects of several earbuds on the market continues to be the hinge, which feels robust and almost completely unwobbly when opened.

In addition, a battery level LED indicator is located on the outside of the case and changes from green to yellow to red as needed. When the battery is getting near to being low, having easily discernible battery level indicators is quite helpful in assisting you in placing the case on a charger. The 1More EVO earphones case contains a USB Type-C connection on the back for quick charging. More specifically, 1More states that a 15-minute charge will provide four hours of listening. That said, there will be more on that later. If necessary, you can place this cover atop a wireless charger, which will offer some convenience but won’t result in speedy charging.

The earphones themselves are loyal to the overall weighty motif throughout the entire construction. Opening the case reveals two earbuds in all their splendor, each with a gorgeous glossy glass-like surface on the outer earbuds and a tiny LED connection indicator.

The fact that the earphones themselves aren’t particularly large and barely weigh anything shows just how well 1More did. These aren’t the Sony XM4 headphones that completely enclose your outer ear. Instead, they occupy little more room than the typical stemless wireless earbuds—at most, approximately the surface area of a jelly bean.

They are hence extremely light to nonexistent in weight. I could tell you they weigh 5.7g, which could be significant to you, or I could say I forget they’re in my ears and they don’t move once they’re in place, which is, in my opinion, the more important. These initially caught my attention as the leading contender for earphones that don’t stay in. I was mistaken. Nevertheless, you must employ the 1Mores method, which entails inserting them into your canal and twisting the bottom in the direction of your mouth. This improves the earbuds’ grip a little.

BIGGER SOUND THAN THE EARBUDS The 1More EVO earphones’ overall gorgeous appearance might be overlooked once you start concentrating on the audio quality. There is now a misconception that pricey earbuds may easily reach hi-fi sound levels. Simply said, this is untrue. You must lower your expectations if you want to genuinely enjoy the 1More EVO earbuds, which I do wholeheartedly. These can’t possibly compete with wired headphones that produce high-resolution audio. Having said that, these are excellent.

These earbuds do an excellent job at recreating clear and precise audio that competes favorably with more costly earphones for what they are and the price point they hit. The 1More EVO earphones’ usage of Sony’s LDAC technology lets them receive as much audio information as possible from your phone and provide some very excellent sound.

The way in which the sound is equalized on these earbuds and most 1More earbuds is their one flaw. Using a series of multiple-choice questions, AI can adjust your sound signature to match you, or you can use the preset sound settings that come with the EVO earphones. These have a somewhat tinny default sound to me, with muted overall mids that don’t convey a lot of detail. It just doesn’t feel right in this context and the soundstage feels a little underdeveloped. However, if you start using SoundID, there’s a chance you’ll experience what I did, which is highly detailed mids, thumping bottom ends, and generally responsive highs.

Overall, these earbuds function admirably and are true rivals to more expensive models like the WF-1000XM4s once your sound has been adjusted.

NETWORKING AND BATTERY The 1More EVO earbuds take advantage of Google’s Fast Pair and Bluetooth 5.2 technologies. First off, Google Fast Pair makes connecting extremely simple and alerts you as soon as the 1More EVO earphones are prepared to be linked for the first time. If you choose to connect, the functionality will ask you via a half-screen notification and an image of your headphones. Following that, a notice displaying the battery levels will show up on your Android device each time you open the case.

Second, I’ve found Bluetooth 5.2 to be reliable in my use and has prevented many disconnections. The music occasionally separates between earphones, producing a brief echo effect and a brief disconnect. However, within a second or less, the sound resumes and the connection is restored. The connection is often robust, and the range is also rather decent, save from these sporadic dropouts.

In terms of battery life, the 1More EVO earbuds perform admirably. You could anticipate that the battery would run out after a few hours with the amount of power and volume that these provide. That hasn’t happened at all. With ANC turned on, I’ve been receiving the predicted five to six hours of listening, and without it, about eight. Of course, the case adds another 20 or so to the total use and supplements a lot of that. You can pretty much prepare for any day with rapid charge.

ANC AND TOUCH CONTROLS The touch control system that 1More has pioneered is one feature that always appeals to me in earphones. By doing away with the one-touch approach, you greatly reduce your chances of unintentionally pausing your music and jolting yourself back to reality when you change the fit. The 1More EVO earbuds’ shiny surface needs to be double-tapped in order to halt your audio. By default, a triple-tap will activate Google Helper, your personal assistant.

You can change ANC modes by tapping there while keeping your finger still for a while. The 1More EVOs’ ANC and pass-through are fairly good and offer customization. You have the following choices for ANC strength adjustment:

WNR Strong Mild Adaptive Strong is typically used in noisy environments like busy streets and other loud environments when ANC is most needed, mild is typically used in settings like offices with loud people, and WNR (wind noise resistance) is used when air is hitting your headphones. The fourth choice is an adaptive setting that lets your EVO earphones determine the appropriate level of strength.

One thing to be aware of is that ANC does change the sound quality of your earbuds, so if you don’t require it, you probably shouldn’t use it. The EVOs are effective in passive noise cancellation without it.

LAST THOUGHTS Overall, if you want some of the greatest wireless sound you can find, the 1More EVO earbuds are a terrific set. These don’t let you down thanks to Google Fast Pair, 10mm dynamic drivers, competitive ANC, and long battery life. You could spend up to $200 on something comparable, but the 1More EVOs are deserving of consideration at about $170. Although they don’t quite reach hi-fi levels of quality, these are now the closest you can get without spending a lot more money.

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