Burn some wood and save money!

Over 1.5 million UK householders have re-kindled the home fires in a bid to keep warm in winter.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
December 21, 2011, 1:51 pm

Research by Rockwood reveals that over the past five years 1.5 million homes have had wood-burning stoves and open fires fitted or re-instated. 

A further 1.5 million homes have had gas fires fitted and 1.25 million homes have had electric fires installed to provide localised heat in key rooms. 

However, while open fires and wood and charcoal powered cooking facilities may be all the rage, they also present an increased fire risk in homes, which many householders appear to be ignoring.

The study revealed that just over half (52%) of homes which have installed these heating and cooking facilities have failed to review and upgraded fire protection in homes as a result.

Simple steps such as boosting fire resistant insulation, installing smoke alarms and installing fire extinguishers are recommended by fire safety experts if additional fire and heat sources are being introduced into homes.

Paula Bateman, Rockwool’s Corporate Affairs Director said:  “There’s nothing quite like an open fire or wood burning stove to make you feel warm in winter and as energy prices continue to rise it is understandable that homeowners are looking to use additional heat sources to warm key rooms and reduce fuel bills.

“However, it is critical that homeowners take fire risk seriously and ensure that they build in relevant protection to safeguard themselves, their families and their homes.

“There are countless schemes available where homeowners can access heavily subsidised non-combustible insulation for their loft and cavities to improve both the energy efficiency and performance of their home in the event of a fire – just contact your energy supplier. While a well maintained and well looked-after fire is a very positive addition to a home, it can very easily become a hazard and ensuring risks are mitigated is vital.”

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