Places to grab a bargain!

Admit it, we all like a good bargain and something for free.

By Arif Asif
Senior Reporter
December 4, 2011, 12:18 am

In our search for the free stuff we came across some places where things are so cheap they might as well be free.

Okay, we are exaggerating but you’ll love them anyway. PS don’t tell’s our little secret.

1 Home Bargains:        

Based across the region this place has some serious deals for the bargain hunter among you. On our last visit here we managed to buy some top brands at very low prices. I’d give you some examples but I didn’t want to embarrass the pound shops. For your nearest store check out There’s two in Preston and two in Oldham. Most other towns have a least one.


Looking for a cheap holiday then you could do worse than this website. Yes, it has got a little more expensive in places but it still manages to throw up some top bargains. You only have to know what you are looking for. Too often we think the deal with fall into our laps…a regular scroll through here might surprise you. Top tip…find your hotel and then go to Trip advisor to see if it really is worth it.

3 Lowry Outlet Mall (Salford Quays):            

Okay, to get the right bargain here you have be actually looking for a specific item. The website claims that they have at least 70% off all year round. Yes, there are some good offers on but outlet malls sometimes sound better than they are. But this outlet mall seems to have a constant sale on.

4 Barden Mill:              

When it comes to buying some really cheap clothes few beat this place. Based at the end of the M65 this has been regular destination for those who have a little money to spend but don’t want anyone to know they have got it (That’s as cryptic as they come…). What I’m trying to say is my mate is a middle-class fellow with a nice job. And he goes here to buy his suit. Can’t be wrong.

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