How to budget for your wedding

Farah Siddiqui, a personal life coach offers brides and grooms some invaluable advice.

By Farah Siddiqui
December 4, 2011, 12:02 am

As soon as the wedding day is set, your list of things to do and organize rapidly takes on a life of its own. 

Take it from me. I’ve been married just over a year now and as a relationship coach, I fully appreciate the transition from singleton, to being in a relationship to getting married and to now being a wife.

The venue, the outfits, jewelry, shoes, the honeymoon, catering and caterers, cars, flowers, speeches, gifts, guests, makeup, hair and beauty, invitations, table settings, entertainment, music, the dances, the photographer and video guy, theme and colour, the cake, master of ceremonies, the weather, wedding night hotel, the diet, inch loss sessions, tanning, pre-wedding parties, teeth whitening, other cosmetic treatments, the rings, managing the ever expanding budget, time off work, where you will live after the wedding, flower girls, bridesmaids, best man, fireworks, the registrar/blessing, legal documents, wedding gift list….it’s endless..

Is it any wonder you might get stressed out planning your perfect day with all this to sort out?

There are some great wedding planners out there and tips on timing, what to do 6/4/2/1 months before the wedding day, down to the day before.

Follow these schedules as a guide. Do these things in plenty of time and by chunking, taking on a small task at a time, it will become more manageable.

Here’s the real key to a stress-free wedding preparations:

Delegate. Instead of taking on everything, ask others to help out. Family will normally want to play a big role in the planning stages, so let them! They’ll happily take it on! You can make the final decisions without doing any of the running around!

Make your only responsibility, your wellbeing. Delegate the rest!

Brides, take off as much time as you can before the wedding, stay with family if possible and don’t get involved in anything other than the final decision. Your focus is on the things which are personal to you. That’s it!

Grooms, the same tips apply. Be efficient in your time and don’t cut corners. Make it clear what you want. Make sure you take time out for yourself too.

You’re not in control of the weather or traffic so no point stressing over it. The one thing you have control over is how you deal with it.

You want a perfect day, so oversee what you can – that’s smarter management, and manage your state instead. In the run up to the wedding, take plenty of rest, water, exercise, laughter, good company and self-indulgent pampering and check in with all the other things.

The day will fly by. After all the build up, you don’t want it to be a blur! By delegating & planning smarter, your day will be just absolutely perfect and stress free in every way, leaving you to enjoy and cherish your most special day, exactly the way it was meant to be.

The first place to start with any wedding, no matter how big or small, is the budget. 99%  of us will not really have a clue on how to set a wedding budget.

 But creating a budget and sticking to it as much as possible will keep you on the right track. 

If you have deep pockets you will still need a budget just to see where the spend is going!  With the average cost of a north west wedding in the region of £20,000 where is your money going.

1 Before setting a budget ring around some friends or work colleagues who have recently got married, see what level of spend they had. 

2 Decide if you want an all major celebration or a small intimate ceremony (this will have major impact on the finances.

3 Phone around get some prices from suppliers, then think about your level of spend. Don’t pluck a number from the air, research the costs.

4 Most importantly work out what is important to you, are having expenses flowers more important than arriving in a Bentley, or splashing out on a wedding cake for £1200 more important than your wedding memories?

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