Our Big Day

When it comes to weddings we at Fusion Lifestyle like to bring you those that really are a little different.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
November 3, 2011, 11:21 am
Our Big Day

When it comes to weddings we at Fusion Lifestyle like to bring you those that really are a little different.

Our couple got married in a farm, the bride arrived in a rickshaw and their honeymoon lasted three months - meet Frances Houlihan of County Mayo, Ireland and Paul Baker of Bishop Stortford.

The couple met at university in Birmingham.  Paul had booked a surprise weekend trip to Dublin and proposed to Frances on a beautiful warm day whilst relaxing in St. Stephens' Green Park.

Frances says, “He took my breath away! Afterwards we went to watch Riverdance and celebrated into the early hours of the morning!”
When did you start planning the wedding?

Straight away. We have many friends from all over the globe so we had to give plenty of notice especially the date!
What was your budget?

We wanted a day that was personal to us and we didn't really know how much a wedding would cost when we first started out, we worked with our numbers and of course with the help of family and friends we were able to bring it all to life, this would not of been possible without the help of these wonderful people.
And did you stick you out budget?

No, we found the ideal venue and we tried to compromise with a cheaper venue and location but we gave in....we wanted to have the best party of our lives from supplying good foods and drinks to our guest in a beautiful environment, we did go over budget but it was worth it and we would do it all again tomorrow!
Where was the wedding held and why?

South Farm in Royston, we fell in love with the whole ethos of South Farm. It fitted in with our personalities, our travels, our love for nature, animals and all the food is grown on site and organic.

We also desperately wanted to get married outdoors and say our own wedding vows and when we saw the Summer House we knew straight away it was the place for us.

Philip Paxman the proprietor has an amazing passion and energy for weddings, he understands that everyone wants their special day different and with his team they made our wedding day personal for us, from the planning to the wedding day it was absolutely perfect!

Since getting married at South Farm it has now been rated number six in the nation's top 100 wedding venues by Conde Nast's Brides Magazine.
Number of guests? 

92 day guests and 25 evening guests
Who had more of a say on the wedding day plans?

In all honesty, we both planned everything together and it was great!
What did the guests and family think?

To this day our family and friends still talk about our wedding being one of the best they have attended because venue was amazing, weather was beautiful, food was quality, entertainment was perfect and it was all love!
If someone wanted to hold a wedding at a venue like yours what would you say to them?

I have recommended South Farm to all my unmarried friends hoping that we will be attending a wedding there in the future!!
What did you arrive to your wedding in?

I arrived in a romantic ‘tuk tuk’ (a type of Rickshaw).The dress was flowing out of it but to me it was better than any Rolls Royce!

I have spent a lot of time on my travels travelling by ‘tuk tuk’ so it was the icing on the cake and a complete surprise from South farm as I didn't know they had purchased one until my wedding day.

I was also the first bride to use it and none of the guests nor the groom were expecting such an entrance.
Where did you go on honeymoon?

We bought a VW camper van and travelled around Europe for three months! We travelled through France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland - truly amazing!
What would you say to anyone planning a wedding right now?

Enjoy it all. It is such an amazing experience from start to finish, treasure it. On the day take time out to have a few moments and look in, it will help you take it all in.

What really was your most memorable moment?

Walking down the aisle to a 'Gift of a Thistle', seeing family and friends that travelled from around the globe to be with us standing under the shade umbrella as the sun shone down on top of them and the sunflowers shining brightly amongst them and then seeing Paul standing there, breath taking.

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