HRx: Hrithik fashion

Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan talks about film, fitness and Fashion.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
February 21, 2014, 3:50 pm
HRx: Hrithik fashion

Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan talks about film, fitness and Fashion.

Hrithik’s hard-work and versatility projected him onto the international scene as one of the most acclaimed Indian actors of his generation.

But wasn’t always easy emulating some his heroes

My passion for dance has been there for as long as I can remember. Watching Michael Jackson dance effortlessly, definitely fuelled that passion.

“Though I don’t think I am a great dancer hence I practice a lot to achieve all that I can when I am on the dance floor. I would love to do some live stage shows hopefully soon! If the right opportunity arises to take part in a dance concert, then I’ll certainly consider it.”


His new own fashion line ‘HRx – Push Your Extreme’ aimed to inspire some people people to bring out their best and to never give up he says.


“My team together with Afsar Zaidi from Exceed Entertainment and Sid Shah from The Wild East Group have taken my philosophy and turned it into a brand.HRx together also represents an extreme state of mind that inspires one to be the best version of themselves.


“The lightweight product range includes comfortable casuals as well as leisure sportswear teamed with sports footwear for men.


“The products are made of premium fabrics crafted with a contemporary slim fit and dominated by vibrant colours.The business model for HRx has been conceptualised by Exceed and The Wild East Group.


“They have positioned it as the first celebrity brand extension in India, thought-through and built in the same way heritage brands are in Western countries, where licensees will be appointed in different categories bringing in specific expertise.


He says he still works out everyday to maintain his physique.


“I eat sensibly and healthily. This doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge occasionally! But on the whole, I do try and stick to a balanced diet comprising all food groups.

“To remain fit, you must be strong mentally, not just physically, that for me is the key. My fitness workout is a major release for me, my own method of relaxation.”

He has resumed shooting  on ‘Bang Bang’, which is India’s take on the Hollywood blockbuster Knight and Day, which also stars Katrina Kaif.

“Bang Bang is set to be a rollercoaster of action and emotions, infused with a generous helping of fun, romance and great song and dance routines. The script is intriguing and cleverly unwinds into a thrilling and interesting story.”


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