Men who cry

A survey by YouGov reveals 25% of men cry at work.

Umbreen Ali
By Umbreen Ali
April 25, 2013, 11:32 am

A survey by YouGov reveals 25% of men cry at work.

What they're crying about still remains an enigma. It could be that a colleague wore the exact same tie causing undue embarrassment and stress.

Or that they didn't get a goodbye kiss that morning from the wifey. Steve Jobs was renowned for being a serial spouter.

Andy Murray has shed a few public tears and petulant tantrums.

The nation was unwittingly exposed to George Osborne's tears at Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

As is de rigueur, Twitter exploded.

But how have male tears become socially acceptable? Man cries watching the yawn inducing rehashed sob stories on The Voice.

Man cries watching Titanic for the 25th time. Man cries when getting his back waxed.
The only time it is acceptable for a man to cry is when his football team has been relegated. Or perhaps if they sever an artery.

Or when someone inadvertently smears sunscreen (the stains don't come off) on the paintwork of his £50,000 sports car. Now there's a grand tip for the disgruntled wife/girlfriend/employee/neighbour.

Where does one draw this fine line: male tears seen as a healthy sign of male strength and the ability to embrace their emotional side. Or just desperately needing to grow a pair.

It's a fine line indeed. Like when is it inappropriate to label your partner as your 'boyfriend/girlfriend.'

Or when does brutal honesty become offensive. Or like the one that defines flirty and not slutty.

Apparently this season’s mini skirt is just that. Flirty, feminine, pretty. But only if your body mass contains minimal fat. If in doubt, wear big knickers.

And speaking of knickers, Durex Australia has created what can only be described as a genius invention.

The his and hers 'Fundawear,' dubbed rather presciently as the "future of foreplay." The same technology used to make a phone vibrate is wired into ones underwear, which is stimulated (ahem) by a smartphone app.

The digital solution to long distance relationships. Because phone sex and rabbits are so last year.

Whilst kinky underwear may well become all the rage, it seems Beyoncé has embraced a lingerie slash haute couture slash transvestite type attire for her tour outfit. A sequin encrusted bodice complete with patent fake boobs.

How on earth did fake boobs as outer wear become appropriate stage wear? How indeed?

Oh well, it makes a welcome change from worrying about public sector net debt.


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