Men complaining...we love it

There's nothing sexier than a man who complains.

Umbreen Ali
By Umbreen Ali
March 28, 2013, 11:26 am

There's nothing sexier than a man who complains.

Just like there's nothing sexier than the sight of a woman with hair removal cream on her upper lip.

But men who complain/whinge/nag, well they're an alluring breed.

Like the poor, disillusioned man who returns home to contend with a messy house after a long day at work. Because if the wife is a home maker, she should be doing just that.  Honestly, did her mother not teach her anything? Besides, there are apps for that now you know.

Or then there's the subjugated, woeful man who must cook his own dinner because his wife was not thoughtful enough to prepare some food for him. Because looking after young babies is totally overrated. 

Man and his strong constitution of endurance.

Look at Chris Huhne, mocked on his first day in prison and he asked to be moved to a safer area. What did he think would happen?

Did he think prison entailed residing in an exclusive millionaire's row immune from regular thugs and miscreants? A small piece of advice: suck it up. You may have lost your job and all credibilty, but you can do a Jeffrey Archer and write a book about the experience.

And in a similar way, poor misunderstood, prodigal child star, Justin Bieber has taken a leaf out of Prince Harry's petulant book and has lashed out at the press for the 'countless lies' told about him and all the unfair negative press.

The complaining man who lacks tact and diplomacy. What a fine catch.

Speaking of influential men with a forte in pushing for nonsensical bids, Donald Trump embarked on yet another rant.

The vitriolic complaint: the Obama administration turned down his offer of building a ballroom in the White House grounds.  Oh the scathing injury to Mr Trump's pride.

International Women's Day saw  much debate over the speculation of female managers at a professional football club within the next decade.

If she learns to complain and rant like a man, any woman would be perfect for the job.


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