An unlikely duo

Fusion Lifestyle's Attika Choudhary catches up with bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan who have come together for the first time in Karan Johar’s "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu", a directorial debut by Shakun Batra.

Attika Choudhary
By Attika Choudhary
February 25, 2012, 11:17 pm
An unlikely duo

It was meant to be the usual question and answer session but it turned out to be something totally the opposite. Fusion Lifestyle's Attika talks about her experience of meeting Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan.

As I enter the room of a 5 star hotel in London, both are waiting for me patiently. I feel a little non-plussed; this was supposed to be an interview but it turned out to be more of a strange encounter.

I notice that Kareena is looking beautiful even dressed semi-casually in jeans and Imran, as always, is looking his charming self. Before I begin my interview Imran asks me where i purchased my bag from as he’s looking to buy something for his wife. I tell him it is from Selfridges, and mention that this was where I bumped into actress Rani Mukherjee for the first time. He jokes by saying he might have to Rani to buy the bag for him!

The chit-chat doesn’t stop there! 

Imran comments on my jeans and the matching laptop, which by the way was not planned! He continues to explain that he also has designer covered laptops, in particular a denim-looking one….hmmmm! 

So now I’m wondering shall we just have a chat about fashion or can we move onto a more film-related interview. 

Well it turns out to be an interview not like any other. And at one stage Kareena says something about Imran's shoes and we go off on another tangent.

When I heard Imran Khan was playing Rahul in "Ek Main Aur Ek Tu"  – for some reason I thought of Shahrukh Khan roles that he had played in the past. But that was a red herring and Imran put me right straight away: he said that this film is a rom-com where boy meets girl and in a drunken state they get married and then try to have it annulled. What happens next is left for you to go and see! 

Kareena plays Riana - an unusual name but one, I feel, that suits the character; just in case you didn’t know, she is a hairdresser in the film but in real life she isn’t one for changing her hairstyle very often. 

Filmed in Las Vegas as well as Mumbai the film was great fun to make and Imran joked about where he was staying in Vegas: it was so strange he wonders if it really exists and if he goes back will it still be there? 

The casting and acting have been praised by critics, as have the cinematography and the music. They tell me the film is not really a tearjerker but you may still need a box of tissues. There are some funny scenes in the film which will get you smiling and others are packed with just as much emotion! 

Kareena's character is endearing and she acts and looks great. Despite playing a chirpy-outgoing girl, she never goes overboard and is absolutely adorable. Imran Khan is spot on with his comic timing and expressions, be it as a cute, poker-faced son, a cluelessly trapped bachelor, or a man who has just discovered himself. 

The pair of them have great on screen chemistry!!

You can also view this strange encounter between myself and the unlikely duo on Sunday 26th February at 18.30 and a repeat on Wednesday 29th at 11.00 on B4U music.
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