The 'Bro-Code'

A list of guidelines outlining the modern day code of conduct for men have been released.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
September 13, 2013, 6:57 pm
The 'Bro-Code'

A list of guidelines outlining the modern day code of conduct for men have been released.

They are dubbed the ten com-man-dments, has been released following a nationwide poll.

Over a third of males (39 per cent) claim to follow an unspoken ‘bro-code’ with their mates and as many as four in ten confessed to breaking this code at least once during their friendships. 

Suggestions for the top ten com-man-dments covered everything from girlfriend-stealing to dodgy dress codes but the final list, ranked in order of popularity, includes:

  1. Thou shalt not sleep with thy mates’ mum or sister
  2. Thou shalt not lie to thy mates
  3. Thou shalt not dodge buying a round of drinks when the time comes
  4. Thou shalt not break under questioning from a mate’s girlfriend
  5. Thou shalt not question the lies a mate is telling in public or call him out in company
  6. Thou shalt not tag your mates in questionable images online/take over their social accounts
  7. Thou shalt not turn down a friend in need of a night out
  8. Thou shalt not take credit for another man’s joke
  9. Thou shalt not gush with affection over Facebook for thy girlfriend/infant
  10. Thou shalt not talk about anything other than sports during a sports game


According to the research, conducted by energy drink brand Emerge, one in ten men confessed to having slept with their mates’ mums or sisters and yet only 14 per cent admitted to taking credit for a friend’s joke. 

This perhaps explains the fact that the average man will only trust one in three of his friends!

Over a quarter of those surveyed deemed it acceptable to break the code when drunk. A further one in five men also felt that impressing the opposite sex was a valid reason to deviate, making this a more acceptable motive than financial gain or career progression.

The average man has just one friend in his social circle who has wronged him and will take 56 days to forgive them for doing so. However, social sinners will only be allowed to break the code twice before they are cut out of the circle on a permanent basis.

Calli O’Brien, Brand Manager for Emerge, said: “Whilst this research was only intended as a bit of light-hearted fun, it was interesting to see the types of social boundaries the modern man keeps in mind. Although the ‘bro-code’ concept itself seems to be limited to younger men, the emphasis on loyalty was visible throughout the results. 

"In fact, 62 per cent of the men we surveyed felt that males were more loyal to their friends than females and almost half said that it was vital that they could count on their mates when needed.”


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