Women rule..and you know it
By Unknown Author
March 9, 2013, 11:42 am
Women rule..and you know it

A woman living in man's world. By Uzair Ali

This is an understandable yet delusional attitude that women have, that the fairer sex lives in a man’s world.

It would be a statement that consumes men with hysterical laughter.

Men in the modern day world have gone to extremes to appease women from everything to the time they return home from work to the type of wax they use to remove those annoying few hairs above their eyebrows.

Christiano Ronaldo is the prime example. A multi millionaire chiselled like a Greek god, a man that Helen of Troy would be proud of.

Yet even such a well established man has to wax and pluck his way into the hearts of women.

Going back just 30 years, men were the envy of women, where they were rulers of their domain.

A woman was a docile being. Answerable to her husband who would carry out his husband duties between 9 – 5 and return like a king to the embrace of his loving wife.

How times have changed. Men are questioned as to why they are running 10 minutes late, why are you going for a drink with a male colleague (after 2 months of marriage)?

Things have changed to such a degree that some men wait for their women to return home after they have been looking after the kids and completing the housework in the correct manner.

I will not take away from the fact the men can never do some aspects of what women do, such as child bearing and breast feeding.

Women, be under no illusion it is not because we do not wish to do so. It is because men are not built in such a way! We physically cannot. No, the Hollywood film Junior does not count. Have men generally not been the hunters and gatherers since the dawn of time?

It has just evolved from hunting food to earning money for food. This has simply dwindled away to the demands of the modern day woman, as if they manage and direct their households like a company floating on the Stock Exchange.

When men try to take back their God given right to be a man, they are accused of being aggressive and rude. Yet when they are timid, they are mocked by their male friends and even worse by the friends of their wives.

The wives do not back their men, but when men do not fight tooth and nail when another women gives their lovely adoring wives the evil eye, he is battered and abused for being weak and incompetent.

No, women do not live in a man’s world. Quite the contrary in fact, it is a female dominated world which is run by cackling witches flexing their sharp tongues and cruel words.


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