Why women are never happy

Women are never happy. This is a fact that no woman alive can deny.

Umbreen Ali
By Umbreen Ali
March 15, 2012, 9:44 pm
Why women are never happy

Women are never happy. This is a fact that no woman alive can deny.

And before I receive a barrage of irate women saying it isn’t so let me present my case.

I would like to state with unabashed frankness that this debate is not open to men. Today’s woman is simply unable to be content with what she has. Whatever that may be.

We want to be a dress size smaller yet are unwilling to curb the carbs. Yet when we do embark on a diet, we complain with petulance about how hungry we are the entire time.

And all those surrounding us will be made aware of this diet that we are on. We compete and compare ourselves with our friends subconsciously. We secretly revel in a friends weight gain. After all, you may well soon be known as 'the skinny one'.

Before marriage we complain incessantly about being single and spend all our time looking for the ‘perfect man’, yet after marriage we spend all our energies on turning him into our ever changing version of perfection.

When we work we constantly talk about staying home and worry that our career is compromising our children's lives.

When we stay home we constantly miss the working days and complain that our education and talent is being wasted.

And most of us possess the hoarding gene. We hoard all sorts of paraphernalia from used babygrow’s to outdated clothes.

After all, that polka dot, collared shirt may well make a fashion statement on the catwalk soon. And we also hold onto a ‘fat’ wardrobe in case we put on some unwarranted weight. And then naturally we complain about having such little storage space in our homes.

We don’t make public admission of our own misdeeds yet are happy to dissect those of others. We want the latest smart phone but refuse to read the manual to avail of all of its functions.

And yes, we are never happy with the amount of cushions or pillows purchased, even if the bulk of them are not functional. 

We want a big house that is well maintained, a pretty garden and flawless children, a fast metabolism and a husband who dotes on our every move. And a high profile career. When one of the above is missing, we are not happy.

Are we living in times where choice is rife therefore there are too many ideals to pick from? And the irony is, what would make us happy is usually related to something quite limited: food.

No matter what the logic, we simply are a race that is not easily pleased. And I can guarantee there will be more than one disgruntled woman reading this with raised eyebrows and more than one indignant exhale of breath.

Yet I defy her to prove she has not shown one of the above traits. I rest my case.

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