Body confidence affects sex!

This Valentine’s Day couples are thinking about getting up close and personal – but lack of body confidence is getting in the way of a good sex life.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
February 14, 2012, 6:34 pm
Body confidence affects sex!

According to a new survey by Zest magazine, 72% of Brits admit they would have more sex if they were more confident about their body and 42% have even skipped sex due to lack of confidence.

The research, based on a study of 1,000 respondents across the country was conducted to discover the truth behind female sexuality in the UK today. And lack of body confidence is a big issue, with 69% thinking sex would be better if they were more body confident.

Zest asked the nation what they’re really thinking, and doing, about sex. Surprisingly, 94% rate intimacy and emotional connection as the most important aspects of a good sex life. This is significantly higher than the 66 % who rate orgasm as the key thing.

Low sex drive also gets in the way of us having healthy sex lives.

While 57% say they have a normal sex drive, 21% even describe it as high, a less then happy 22% see theirs as low. It’s lack of body confidence, along with the demands of a hectic work schedule, lack of free time and tiredness that are affecting when the nation has sex.

48% say their 30s is their best decade for sexual confidence, while 25% rate their 20s and 18% rate their 30s.

Sex is very important to the overall health of 61% of Brits, so much so that a reassuring 48% do actively make time for sex and a further 33% have a realistic approach, fitting it in when we can.

While a good number of couples are equally up for sex, with 58% taking turns to get the ball rolling, in the remaining couples men do make the first move more often than women, 28% and 14% respectively.

According to the Zest research performances between the sheets are above average. Seven out of 10 is how Brits rate their sex lives and a lucky 7% gave themselves full marks.

Zest Editor Mandie Gower said, “It was great to see that when it comes to sex, Brits really care about their emotional connections with their partners, rather than experiencing orgasm, which is the opposite of what we’re often led to think. However, it is concerning to see how big the issue of body confidence is among today’s women – those in their 30s in settled relationships are still affected by it. It’s time to stop putting pressure on women to live up to unattainable ideals set by celebrities and models and for us to be more accepting and positive about our own bodies.”

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