Cowboy traders

Homeowners are being warned that employing a rogue trader could cost them.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
August 6, 2013, 5:44 pm
Cowboy traders

Homeowners are being warned that employing a rogue trader could cost them.

This warning comes in the wake of the Government’s announcement that it is launching a new war on unscrupulous traders.

New research from NICEIC, reveals that only two in ten homeowners (19%) would - without hesitation - check for ID when a tradesman arrives at their door, while more than a third (34%) admit they don’t check at all.

In a bid to clamp down on rogue traders and the misuse of professional trade logos, NICEIC is urging homeowners to A.S.K – Ask for NICEIC, See if it’s legit, Keep your home safe.

Tony Cable, spokesperson for NICEIC, said, “It’s a great shame that some trades people think they can trick homeowners by wrongly using a company logo, but sadly this is reality.

“Our survey clearly shows that consumers still aren’t checking and double checking ID.

“People are far too casual about electrics in the home, especially in the current economic climate when it is tempting to try to save a few pennies where possible by employing the cheapest tradesman.

“Our message is simple – ASK and double check, always find out for yourself that the tradesman at your door is who they say they are. By not checking out a tradesman, consumers could be inviting in a rogue and costing themselves a fortune if a bodged job needs to be put right.”

More than 6.2 million people have employed a cowboy trader in the past five years, resulting in £3.7 billion being paid out to rectify botched jobs.

Of the 3,000 consumers polled, more than four fifths (82%) said they would trust the opinion of a friend or family member when it came to choosing an electrician, with only a fifth (17%) saying they would check out the person in question to see if they were legit.

Nearly all (90%) of those questioned said that without question they would be prepared to shop a rogue trader who was falsely displaying a logo.

Tony added: “We take misuse of our logo very seriously. The NICEIC name is associated with quality and we must protect those contractors who are legitimately registered with us and have the quality of their work assessed on a regular basis.

“We have launched the ‘wall of shame’ on our website, which names and shames rogue traders caught falsely using the NICEIC logo. If consumers think they have been a victim of a cowboy trader or suspect somebody of misusing of logo, we’re urging them to come forward and get in touch with us at or by calling 0870 013 0382. Together we can stop the crime.”


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