Thank god for TV!
By Unknown Author
March 9, 2013, 11:52 am
Thank god for TV!

I’m feeling worse than terrible. By our resident stressed mum Shahban.

This kind of feeling definitely warranted a duvet day in my past Life.

The life when I used to work (and earn a wage.... such an irony as I now work twice as hard for no monetary reward!).

In my past existence (pre-kids) if I felt like this I would call into work ‘sick’. Following the call would be TV, a book maybe, food (if I could stomach it) and all of this probably whilst I was in bed.... ‘duvet days’!

It seems like a life time away. No option to ‘call in sick’ now. A mama cannot just ‘call in sick’ because she has a temperature, feeling sick, dizzy and weak. No. Irrespective of any failings in health, we all still have to function in our role.

However, today I have to put my hand up and say that due to my ill health I relied on a highly accomplished nurse .... otherwise known as the TV.... to come to my aid. And boy was it good. It occupied my children (all 3 ensuring that I was able to lie on the sofa for quite a large portion of the day.

Guilty conscience
Of course it is nearing the end of the day. I still feel ill. They are still watching the TV and now I feel guilty.
By society’s standards I was by no measure a good mama. I exceeded the twenty minute (or is it thirty minute these days?) daily TV quota suggested by countless professionals and backed by countless studies. What will happen to the children now?

I refuse to live my life sweating the so called small print. I will not lose sleep, or be dictated to by reports and studies. Had I been well the children would not have spent the day in front of the TV.

The thing is ..... will I tell anybody about this? The mums at playgroup, the mums at pre-school, any mums.... yes. Yes I will (I am writing this and throwing it into the public arena!)
Mamahood (like other jobs) tends to get quite competitive.

Some mothers may tell the odd lie, exaggerate the truth, tell versions of the truth etcetera, etcetera. Why? It is ok to feel unwell. It is ok to lie back and take some ‘me’ time. They (the kids) will probably enjoy the freedom.

A full day of Cbeebies! Now at the age of three that would be pretty perfect!
So why do we put pressure on us? These programs, these supernannies. What do they know? Do they have children?

Do they know what it really takes to be working class, cook , clean, wash, chauffeur the family, manage the bills, all whilst having three children under the age of 4? Finding things to occupy their ever curious minds whilst doing all of the above is worthy of recognition in itself. Getting through every 24 hour stretch is a major accomplishment.

Higher standards
So what if I am ill. So what if I broke the norm... dictated by childcare professionals.... so what?!

Vincent van Gogh once said ‘I wish they would only take me as I am’. I say I do not care whether ‘they’ take me. Being a mama is tough. So whilst gaining the acceptance of others is admirable to truly accept ourselves requires a much higher standard.

I accept that I try my best always. Sometimes I may feel under the weather and take some ‘me time’. So what? My children are happy and therefore so am I.

Column by Shahban


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