It's a man's world

I think we can agree it's a man's world.

Umbreen Ali
By Umbreen Ali
March 8, 2013, 2:44 pm

I think we can agree it's a man's world.

And that men are rather illogical beings.

As a result, it can only be men who conduct inane research which reaches bizarre conclusions like 'the g spot is a myth.' Clearly concluded by the men who can't find it.

Now research claims that sex can cure migraines. I'd like to know the demographics of those surveyed. And how many men it took to come up with this doltish hypothesis.

It is magnanimous men like this who believe their lives to be an edition of a James Bond spoof. Out on a selfless mission to save humanity and keep man physically satiated by any means possible.

Men should be banned from conducting such surveys. What next? Results of endless trials that determine the act of felacio burns 3000 calories and induces an anti-wrinkle serum only effective on women. Watch this space...

And just to maintain some semblance of equilibrium, there are plenty of women that do buy into the hype emitted by such surveys. Like the ones who follow the crazy fad diets: eat only from baby jars, eat ice cream with a fork, eat only white food, the 600 calorie diet etc etc.

And it is women like this who entertain the idea of 'The MILF Diet.'

An actual book. Mothers universally were made to feel pretty low about themselves after the whole Tiger Mother episode. And then came the sanctimoniously toned ‘Why French Children Don’t Talk Back.’ And now this.

First of all, the word 'MILF' is just as ghastly as the words 'Mummy Porn' and ‘Yummy Mummy.’ And why isn't there a 'DILF diet'? Or to avoid the issue of ageism, a 'GILF Diet?' The imbalance is stark.

This week saw middle aged men on the brink of a mid life crisis salivating lustfully after the Ferrari's new £1m supercar. Women were graciously given the Aston Martin pram. An overpriced, undersized mechanism for affluent, petulant babies. And then there’s the pram.

As if it's not bad enough that women are expected to fit into their skinny jeans after 6 weeks of giving birth whilst having a pristine Brazilian on the way to the labour room. (And how is it that men can get away with having a laissez-faire attitude towards genital grooming?)

It's hard being a woman in a man's world. But ask any man to try being a woman in a woman's world. Now there’s a challenge.


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