Linda Nolan at launch

Linda Nolan attended the launch of the hospital’s new MRI and CT scanning centre.    

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
November 15, 2013, 3:02 pm
Linda Nolan at launch

Linda Nolan attended the launch of the hospital’s new MRI and CT scanning centre.        

Linda is best known for being part of the sibling girl group ‘The Nolans’.  The group are famous for their hit, ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’, and Linda’s star presence is fitting to help celebrate the launch of the new private scanning centre in Lancashire and Cumbria.            

Speaking at the launch, Linda says: “I’m delighted to launch the new MRI and CT scanning centre at BMI Beardwood Hospital.  The centre will be hugely beneficial to the people of Lancashire and Cumbria, in helping detect and diagnose diseases.”          

The MRI scanner, which weighs the same as a double-decker bus, had to be crane lifted into the hospital.       

The MRI and CT scanners are part of the hospital’s £2.3m scheme to revamp its imaging and diagnostic centre and reduce diagnosis and treatment times.  They will also offer a wider selection of routine and more complex imaging examinations for patients. 

Unlike conventional MRI scanners, the wide bore scanner does not require the patient’s whole body to be inside the machine. For most examinations, the patient’s head will remain outside the scanner which reduces issues with claustrophobia, pain andmobility and    also makes it suitable for larger patients.                                                                           

Meanwhile the CT scanner will assist significantly with cardiac cases offering quicker appointments and diagnosis, and will dramatically increase the cardiac scanning capabilities of the hospital.  The investment at the new imaging centre has been made possible through a joint partnership with Alliance Medical. 

Sam Sheehan, Executive Director of BMI The Beardwood Hospital, comments: “These new MRI and CT scanners will play a major role in diagnosis at BMI Beardwood Hospital.  It is fantastic to work with Alliance to create this great service for Lancashire and Cumbria’s residents.  

"The investment being made at the hospital will improve the patient pathway, speeding up the time between consultation, scan and diagnosis.”               

David Loasby, Business Development Director at Alliance Medical, said: “We are delighted to be working with BMI The Beardwood Hospital to bring this much needed service to Lancashire and Cumbria.  

"Patients needing vital cardiac scans will no longer have to travel outside the area for a diagnosis, so it really helps in caring for the community.”


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