Couch potato to super slim
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
September 12, 2012, 2:14 pm
Couch potato to super slim

Liz Evans admits she used to be a little bit of  couch potato.

Liz, from Wirral who had previously tried – and failed - to lose weight with every diet going, used to weigh 16st 2lb and wear a dress size 18/20. 

She desperately wanted to lose weight for the occasion and so she joined her local Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club, lost almost 3 stone in time for the wedding and managed to fit into a size 12 dress.

And, once the wedding was over, Liz refused to stop there and she went on to lose a total of 4st 9lb, to now wear a dress size 10/12.

Mother-of-two Liz had been overweight since she hit puberty but it was at University when she was living away from home, drinking too much in the Student Union bar and having too many takeaways when she really started to put on weight. 

And, from when her daughter, who is now 9 years of age, was born, Liz’s weight gradually crept up and up.

Now, after losing such a staggering amount of weight, Liz’s life has changed completely.  For, when Liz reached her goal weight, she was asked by the franchisee who ran the classes, to train to become an exercise to music instructor and teach Rosemary Conley classes herself. 

Liz, said,  “I’ve gone from someone who was a complete couch potato to an exercise instructor, leading the crowds at my local Race for Life. 

“If you would have told me four years ago that I would be standing up in front of thousands of people, I would never have believed it. 

“I used to be a member of a gym but would go and just sit in the Jacuzzi.  Now I’ve got so much more energy and I’m so much more outgoing.  Losing weight has given me more self-esteem all round.  I feel that I can do anything and have so much more self-confidence, which has helped in my other job too.” 

And it is not just Liz’s life which has improved; her family’s lives have also changed for the better.  “My husband has lost a stone just by eating the same healthy meals and we have now joined the gym as a family and exercise outdoors together.  How we eat and exercise affects my son and daughter so much and my losing weight has had a positive effect on them.”

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