This summer...exercise!

There are 1,440 minutes in the day - can you spare 30 of them to improve the quality of your life?

Sue Arrowsmith
By Sue Arrowsmith
Health & Fitness Expert
July 22, 2012, 9:50 pm
This summer...exercise!

We all know that exercise is good for us but so many of us out there still do not participate in enough of it.

So what is stopping you? Maybe you find exercise boring or think you have to join a gym. You may even feel you are just too busy during your day, or too old or too unfit to exercise.

Or are you one of those people who start an exercise programme for a specific reason like wanting to lose weight, dropping a dress size for your holiday or starting the latest fitness craze with your friends?

What happens though when you do drop that dress size and get bored with the latest craze?

These are typical reasons why so many of us “Fall out of Exercise”, lose our motivation and are no longer committed to the cause.

We fail to see the bigger picture of why exercise is so important. It is much more than just for weight loss.

Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy.

People who are active live longer, feel better and enjoy an increased quality of life.

It is also proven to have numerous health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

It also combats against ill health improving the function of the immune system, promoting organ health and of course facilitates with weight management.  Here are a few reasons why exercise should be an important part of your daily routine:

Exercise Helps Prevent against Heart Disease

The heart is a big muscle, and like any other muscle if it is not exercised it becomes weak and less efficient at performing regular functions.

With exercise the heart becomes stronger, pumping more blood around the body.

It is proven that regular aerobic exercise lowers blood pressure, increases the function of the circulatory system, promotes good cholesterol and transports fats away from the arteries that cause blockages leading to heart disease.

Sedentary people have a 35% greater risk of developing high blood pressure compared to those who take part in regular physical activity.

Exercise Can Help To Control Stress

When we get stressed, angry or frustrated we increase the amount of acid in the body through negative emotions which can have detrimental effects on our bodies.

Doctors and health professionals recommend a healthy amount of exercise to combat stress relating to physical and emotional illnesses and to help in the management of stress related illness.

People who exercise regularly will tell you they feel better.

During exercise we produce feel good chemicals known as endorphins. These enhance our moods and emotions making us feel better, less anxious, less stressed and they allow us to relax.

Exercise and Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects the joint and surrounding tissues. It causes mild to severe pain, swelling, tenderness and is most common amongst women, especially those that are physically inactive.

Many people are put off exercise when they develop arthritis due to pain or fear of further damage to the joints.

However, it is proven that exercise not only prevents against degeneration of the joints but it also benefits sufferers.

Regular, moderate exercise reduces joint pain, stiffness and inflammation, builds strong muscle around the joints, increases flexibility and muscular endurance, increases the production of protective fluids and increases bone density and strength.

Furthermore it prevents against the development of other chronic conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Exercising and preventing bad health

Moderate exercise is proven to increase the efficiency of the immune system and prevent oneself against bad health.

Studies show that people who exercise regularly are less prone to common viruses like colds and flu’s.

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