Boot Yourself Into A Lean Mean Fighting Machine

No equipment, no starving diets with maximum results. Are you ready for the  Boot Camp?

Sue Arrowsmith
By Sue Arrowsmith
Health & Fitness Expert
November 3, 2011, 10:58 am
Boot Yourself Into A Lean Mean Fighting Machine

No equipment, no starving diets with maximum results. Are you ready for the  Boot Camp?

Samosas, kebabs, steak and kidney pie…it doesn’t matter what you have been eating. It is time to get that body in order.

If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life while completely changing the way you look, it’s time to start doing some boot camp exercises and workouts. 

More and more people are starting to catch on to this hot new workout trend that’s a results given workout with the versatility to be done anywhere.

Boot camp workouts are efficient as they challenge all the fitness components: cardiovascular system, muscular skeletal system, agility, co-ordination, balance, and stamina. By adding in movements that work across a number of muscles you get a more complete workout in half the time.

You move from one exercise directly into the next exercise without rest which maximise your fat burning potential.

The workouts involve exercises that utilise multiple muscle groups. These are variations of tradition army drill exercises such as push-ups and squat thrusts and combining upper and lower body exercises which increase intensity. These are all-inclusive workout that tones every area of the body.

Boot camp workouts are  aimed at Fat Loss, Fitness & Fun and Fit easily into a busy schedule. The challenge is to push your body to its limit. You work, you sweat, you burn calories like crazy!

Fat loss-A big benefit you’ll get with this type of workout session is an increased calorie expenditure.  Since you’re working so many muscle groups at once you’re going to be burning up calories much more quickly than if you were just performing a standard cardio machine or weight machine.

Fitness- One of the first benefits that you’ll get from your boot camp workout is improved cardiovascular fitness.  These workouts keep you moving for the entire time of your workout giving the heart a great workout.

The different bodyweight exercises help to increase muscular strength and endurance, as well as giving you muscle tone and definition like you’ve never seen before.

It’s this factor that helps boot camp classes completely change your body and get you looking leaner and more defined.

As these exercises keep you moving, and require you to transfer positions quickly, improvements are made in your level of balance and coordination and increase your overall agility.

A unique aspect of boot camp training is that some workouts include plyometric exercises which work the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Fun - Each exercise is different so you don't get bored.  There is also a series of workouts so you will not do the same workout twice in the same week. Because of boot camps versatility, it is an easy way to socialize and have fun with your friends whilst keeping fit.

Fit easily into a busy schedule – Boot Camp can be done anywhere with little/no equipment.

If you have restrictions on your time  you can get a complete workout in just 30 minutes and not only  that but it can be  done anywhere, in the gym, in the park, in your home, on your holiday and of course in a class environment.

Top Tips to Training safely

1) Don't do any exercise that you aren't sure how to do.

2) Don't do anything that hurts or "doesn't feel right".

3) Whenever you start a new program, use lighter weights than normal or no weights, and only do 2-3 sets per exercise.

4) If you need extra recovery within the workout or between workouts, don't hesitate to take it.

5) If you train alone at home, follow these recommendations and do NOT train to muscle failure.

6) Startr with the Beginner or Intermediate workouts, even if you have been exercising in the past.

7) Never skip a warm-up.

8) Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet program

9) Make sure you were appropriate training attire. 

10) Have fun and enjoy what you do.

As there will be  different types of boot camps available throughout your area, be sure to find one that meets your lifestyle requirements, and that you enjoy so you can get the changes  in your body you desire.  If you don’t have a boot camp in your area then you can follow a series of exercises at home by following the basic guidelines.

Getting Started

1.                  Start with a standard warm up – walking, jogging, skipping, lunges etc for 5 minutes at moderate intensity.

2.                  Stretch major muscle groups, hold each stretch for 8 – 12 seconds

3.                  Chose 4 exercises. See E.g Workout 1

4.                  Exercises are performed directly after each other without rest.

5.                  For the first set complete the recommended repetitions for all       exercises.

6.                  Take a 30 second rest, then start Set 2

7.                  When you have completed all sets cool down and stretch.

Get Ups

Start from a standing position arms in the air. Squat down to the floor as if you were about to perform a backwards roll into a fully stretched position with your arms above your head.

Bend the knees rock the shoulders forward ( like standing up from a forward roll) and try to stand up without using your hands.

Make sure your feet are flat on the floor with weight evenly distributed. If you need assistant use your hands to help you stand up. (This is a very difficult exercise.)

Sumo Squats

Stand with feet at shoulder distance apart and toes facing slightly outwards.

Hold a weight/kettle bell/ medicine ball close to the chest and squat down keeping your back straight throughout the movement.

Sitting your gleuts back so your knees do not rock over your toes. Push through your heels as you return to a standing position lifting the weight above your head. Pull the weight back into the chest as you repeat the exercise.

Press Ups

In full military press up position hands directly underneath the shoulders hands turned slightly inwards. Be aware of chest alignment pull in from the chest pushing hands away from the floor. Strong chest position.

Keep abdominals pulled into the back to maintain a strong core position. Bend elbows, elbows outwards taking the nose to the floor. Return to starting position. To decrease intensity use box press ups or press ups with the knees on the floor or with feet elevated.


Bend down and place both hands on the floor, jump back with both feet together. Jump forwards bringing the feet next to the hands. Jump in the air with the hand reaching towards the ceiling. 

(Picture courtesy of Bridal Bootcamp: A TV Reality series)

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