UK injury hotspots revealed‏

Cardiff and Norwich have been revealed as the most injury prone cities in the UK.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
January 26, 2012, 10:02 pm

A total of 1,500 people who have suffered from an injury in the past five years were surveyed to create an accurate portrait of the cities where different types of injuries are most likely to occur, visualised in the attached UK injury hotspots map.   

Cardiff and Norwich topped the injury charts, both coming out top in three different injury categories, with Newcastle and Sheffield not far behind, coming top in two different injury categories.

London, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester managed to avoid topping the charts in any of the injury categories says

The most popular injuries by city are:     

·         Back injury – Newcastle (19% of residents have suffered)

·         Neck injury – Sheffield (12%) 

·         Head injury – Sheffield (8%) 

·         Face injury – Nottingham (7%)

·         Broken toe and foot bones – Cardiff (10%)

·         Broken arms and hand bones – Bristol (8%)

·         Broken legs or hips – Cardiff (5%) 

·         Broken teeth – Norwich (5%)

·         Bruised and cracked ribs – Cardiff (7%)

·         Cuts requiring stiches – Southampton (7%)

·         Tendon and soft tissue damage – Norwich (17%)

·         Ligament damage – Norwich (10%) 

·         Broken collar bone – Liverpool (3%)

·         General cuts and bruises – Newcastle (22%)

·         Broken back – Edinburgh (4%) 

Overall, the most common injuries sustained by Brits are painful cuts and bruises, with 18% of respondents having suffered from them in the past five years. Next up was back injury (15%), followed by tendon and soft tissue damage (11%), neck injury (8%) and ligament damage (7%).

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