The Bayan 7 speaker is unveiled

Bayan Audio today unveils a new iPod/iPhone dock.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
December 14, 2011, 5:37 pm
The Bayan 7 speaker is unveiled

The Bayan 7 speaker dock for iPod and iPhone delivers balanced, pure acoustics across an wide frequency spectrum. Designed in the UK, the Bayan 7 is built from an efficient combination of organic materials and sound-enhancing components which result in a truly natural soundstage.

The Bayan 7 demonstrably outperforms far more expensive speaker docks2, with a near-flat frequency range allowing even untrained ears to pick out subtle notes they never knew existed in those all-time favourite tunes.

Key Features

* 120W sound power output through twin amplifiers

* Dual iPod/ iPhone docking points

* Five way 2.1 channel stereo speaker configuration

* Wide frequency response gets the best from your audio source

* 8” subwoofer for pure deep rich bass

* 12mm solid wood casing for strength and acoustic efficiency

* Natural and realistic soundstage

* Apple certified with support for iPod, iPhone and iPad

* 3.5mm jack to connect other audio sources

* Charge and play functionality (USB at rear for iPad)

* Voice Mode option for audiobooks & podcasts

* IR Remote controller

Whether you’re into heavy rock, pop or opera, the choice of speaker can make or break the track. Using a designer combination of high-tech 120W twin amplifier technology and a five-way 2.1 channel speaker configuration  with 8” rumbling subwoofer, 2” mid-range and 1” tweeters the Bayan 7 delivers a combination of a near-perfect frequency range, natural sound and loud yet defined audio.

What’s more, certified Apple compatibility with Charge & Play functionality offers total peace of mind that your Apple iPhone, iPod or tablet will keep on going for hours of listening pleasure.

The Bayan 7 is £299 inc VAT RRP, and is available from

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