Surprise...It's a hoax!
By The Gadget Squad
December 2, 2012, 3:40 pm
Surprise...It's a hoax!

 Like the rest of the planet you may have gotten a message on WhatsApp.


It warned users (and my god it was a boring long message…) that those who fail to forward the message would lose all their contacts. In the future WhatsApp was also going to charge for their popular service.


So, in order to avoid this one should forward the message to everyone on their contacts list.


It turned out to be a hoax. But not before we had all received several messages from ’concerned people’.


A bit of advice in the future. You get a message like that...just Google it. Google tends to answer most hoaxes like this!


It is not the first time such a message has been doing the rounds.


WhatsApp themselves said, “We have been getting a lot of emails and questions from you about a chain letter message circulating in our network. Please understand that this is a hoax and there is no truth to it.


“While we are flattered that we made it Hoax Slayer we would rather work on cool new features instead of debunking silly stories like these.”


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