£600m worth of food thrown out at Christmas!

£3.3 billion will be spent on food for the Christmas table this year.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
December 6, 2011, 3:54 pm

Britain will spend an eye-popping £3.3 billion on food for the Christmas table this year.

And UK householders admit they will discard 20% of that food – a sobering £600M worth – as waste.

The average Brit household will splash out £133.70 on food for its Christmas table, according to a national survey commissioned by food waste disposer maker InSinkErator.

The InSinkErator survey, which polled 3,000 Brits across the nation, also discovered that 56% of householders admit they will throw away between 20% – 30% of that extra Christmas food as waste this year – a minimum of £600 million of Christmas food thrown directly into our dustbins.

The knock-on effect of that extraordinary wastage is that 66% of the nation will use between two and four extra bin bags to discard their unwanted Christmas food in 2011 – approximately 50 million bin bags of extra rubbish just for unwanted Christmas Day food (based on two-thirds of the nation using 3 extra bin bags on Christmas Day).

That extra waste also contributes significantly to the 30 extra ‘tidying up’ hours that almost half the nation (49%) claims it will undertake during the annual Christmas break.

InSinkErator spokesman Ashley Munden said: “Everyone loves Christmas and Britain clearly gets into the spirit of things at this time of year.

“But the environmental impact of our seasonal celebrations is clearly felt across the nation – we create an extra 50 million bags of food waste on Christmas Day alone.

“The cost of that food waste is staggering too - £600 million. It’s truly mind-boggling, isn’t it?”

“The environmental impact is clearly a concern – there is a huge amount of landfill required to house all that waste. If people simply had a food waste disposer fitted into their homes it could be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and, most importantly, in a truly eco-friendly responsible fashion designed to reduce impact on landfill sites.

“Food waste disposers have a positive impact on landfill and food waste is dealt with through the waste water system when disposed of through a waste disposal unit.”

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